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September’s ‘last hurrah of summer’ paved a warm, golden pathway for a slightly chillier entrance into what we think is one of the most special months of the year – October.

This is one of Caorunn’s favourite months; we’re very much ‘in season’ in terms of flavour and provenance – October is apple season which you’ll know is our key accompaniment for bringing out our gin botanicals, September is rowan berry season; another one of our key ingredients is at its best so October feels like a month where our flavours can really ‘pop’ and come into their own.

 Yes, we know when you think about October you’re probably thinking more along the lines of darker mornings and shorter days with the arrival of the Autumn equinox, a distinct chill in the air, winter ahead, goodbye sunshine; what can possibly be exciting and good about the next 31 days?

 Well, lots, we think – too many reasons to put here (we really do love this month!) so we’ve narrowed it down to just the 31 and hope that you’ll find more than one or two that will remind you what a glorious month this can be, with so many reasons to enjoy everything we have and all that nature brings at this time of the year.


1. Autumn walks – the crunch of leaves under foot, blue skies, a chilly bite in the air and time to wander and ponder.

 2. Soup picnics – sometimes the amount of planning and prep that goes into a summer picnic can feel a bit too much… We’re all for keeping it simple with a huge flask of soup and a chunk of bread for our outdoors lunch on a park bench or top of a hill.

 3.The light – the changing Autumn light can feel like a show in itself.  There’s so much more drama in the colour - rich, glowing, fiery sunsets beat the candy floss skies of summer hands down.

 4. Colour changes – rich, vibrant hues are all around providing such a warm lift to our days with green turning to yellow, fiery orange and deep red. 

5. Cosy nights in – like we need an excuse to stay in..? The feeling of closing the curtains in the evening, shutting out the cold and settling down for the night – it’s kind of heart-warming, that lovely cosy nesting feeling of shutting out the world for a while.

6. Candles – transforming our living and working spaces into cosy, candle lit  sanctuaries and places of glowy warmth and calm.

7. Cooking – of the rainy day kinda vibe when going outdoors is a no no.  Prepping, planning and freezer stocking can pay dividends in terms of boosting satisfaction levels and knowing that whatever your working days ahead are like this month, there’ll always be something delicious and warming at the end of the day.

8. Foraging – Caorunn’s gin botanicals are foraged from our glorious surroundings we’re so lucky to enjoy, producing gin flavours that are connected right to the heart of the Highlands; nothing brings us closer to nature than unearthing the season’s spoils. There is no better time to do that than Autumn; hedgerows, bushes and trees are alive with blackberries, hawthorn berries, rosehip, elderberries, bilberries, hazelnuts, acorns, horse chestnut and walnuts.

9. Last hurrah before winter – the days can still be warm and mellow with the kind of sunshine that gives you that warm inner glow and sense of calm.

10. Freshness – the air is crisper on these school runs, Sunday walks, sunshine runs and meanders and that makes us feel awake and alive!

11. Autumn cocktails – Caorunn really does come into its own in the Autumn, with so many different ways to enjoy a seasonal sip, whether it’s a refreshing fizz with a bit of bite you’re after or something sweet and warming.  Try some of our favourites – Caorunn Negroni, Caorunn Mulled Cider, Fireside, Prospect Park Bramble and The Rowan Martini.

12. Pampering afternoons – a bracing morning walk, whatever the weather, followed by giant bubble bath, face mask, mellow tunes and candles – the perfect Autumn day indoors all wrapped up in a giant fluffy towel.

13. Sowing seeds for the future - literally...  October is the month for planting joy for the Spring days ahead in the form of daffodils, tulips, snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinth and iris.

14. Crumble – apple, blackberry or rhubarb with a dollop of custard or cream served with an original serve Caorunn & Tonic, a flavour pairing of Autumnal perfection!

15. Books – nothing takes the mind to adventures in new places like a book.  Build your Autumn book list this month and lose yourself in another world.

16. Little bit of Christmas planning – dipping a toe into the Christmas shopping pond very gently… it doesn’t hurt to do a smidgen of planning to avoid Christmas and budget overwhelm.

17. Box sets – preferably with four seasons to get absolutely lost in!

18. Slow Sundays – the calm before the week ahead.  October gives us that natural slow down we all need before Monday comes a knockin’.  Slow down and savour every moment of your Sundays this Autumn.

19. PSL – Pumpkin spiced latte; more than a social media phenomenon?  We’re not turning our noses up just because everybody’s asking for a PSL this month.  We’ll have one too – with an extra shot.

20. Fashion flip – goodbye summer wardrobe, hello cosy knits, boots (anyone else thrilled and delighted about choosing new Autumn boots?), giant socks and layering – cosy style really is our thing.

21. Fireplaces – central heating dilemma be gone!  It’s October, it is now absolutely fine to get turn the thermostat up and get that fireplace stoked!  We say so.

22. Comfort food - one pot stews, soups, casseroles - hearty meals cooked slowly with love.  If tummies could smile!

23. Scary movies - cuddling up on the sofa with a Caorunn Apple Twist and a bowl of popcorn for a fright night; scary movie season is here.  Our favourites are the classics!

24. Being inside - we love a ‘get outside and grab the day kinda day’, but have equal appreciation for rain lashing on windows, comfy cosies on and being warm indoors.

25. Hats - caps, beanies, berets.  Bad hair day - be gone!

26. You know where you are with the weather - summer can tease us with scorchers and just when we’re getting used to it, the heavens open. No big surprises in October on that front, not big hopes or let downs...

27.  Blankets - movie night all wrapped up!

28. Nights drawing in – feeling absolutely exhausted but thinking it’s just a bit too early for bed? We say if it’s dark and you’re tired, get under that duvet and snuggle. Your energetic, glowing tomorrow self will thank you for it.

29. No sweat! No really, no make-up melting moments this season... Temperatures are stable and you can choose an outfit in the morning that’s still going to work in the afternoon – we are all for that!

30. Moons.  The Harvest Moon will appear on Thursday, October 1 and later on in the month on October 31, the second full Moon appears.  This one’s for you, moonbeams and stargazers!

31. Halloween of course!  We might not be tricking or treating this year but we can still celebrate and enjoy all the treats (whatever age we are!) – we say go the whole hog and get these costumes on, tell some funnies and have your own Halloween party at home.  We’ll be raising a glass of Halloween Juice to you – cheers!

 Whatever lies ahead this month, we hope you’ll take some cosy comfort from all the reasons we think October is so full of joy and happy times.

 Have 31 wonderful days, wrap up warm, stay safe (keep washing those hands!) and we’ll see you for some sparkle and sizzle in November!

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