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Our Gin Botanicals

Fostering Gin Genius takes more than just our distinctive distillation process. We’ve created the perfect match with our Copper Berry Chamber and combination of traditional and handpicked botanicals, allowing us to produce the most delightful gin around.

Picture this; you're exploring the rugged Scottish Highlands. Wind in your hair, sun on your arms, backpack at the ready, and shopping list in hand for a list of ingredients to make the perfect gin. Where would you start? If you’re not sure, don’t worry (we’re betting you don’t have your own 1920s distillation chamber at home either). Let us do the hard work for you.

Handpicked Scottish Botanicals

  • Rowan Berry; sacred in Celtic legends, this unassuming piquant berry has been lauded for use in medicines and recipes for generations. Our name comes from the Gaelic phrase for Rowan Berry. It’s the very soul of Caorunn Gin and a key part of our recipe.
  • Heather; this fragrant purple plant is an integral part of the Scottish Highland landscape and Caorunn Gin. It infuses a soft, sweetly resinous aroma and creates perfumed undertones and the nuance of honey.
  • Coul Blush Apple; you could argue we have a big thing for apples (and you’d be right), but the most northerly grown apples in the UK are something special. Grown in Ross-Shire since 1827, their sweet aromatic taste perfectly complements our other botanicals.
  • Dandelion; used as a herb throughout history, this botanical is sometimes misaligned as a weed by some naysayers, but not us. We know it adds a unique aromatic freshness to Caorunn Gin.
  • Bog Myrtle; while you might not be able to pick this fragrant plant out in a lineup, we promise you it adds a softly sweet aroma to our gin that you won’t forget.

Handpicked Botanicals Illustration

Now you’ve met our five main players, let’s continue our all-star line-up below. While the handpicked Celtic botanicals above are foraged from around our Scottish Highland home, the rest are traditional gin botanicals that have earned their place in our recipe.

  • Juniper; the gin OG. Lending their bittersweet aroma to gin since the 17th Century, the Juniper berries are at the heart of our Scottish Gin.
  • Lemon Peel; with fragrant citrus top notes, and an aromatic bitter taste, this fruit imparts an essential flavour to Caorunn Gin. 
  • Coriander Seed; one whiff of the spicy, sweet aroma of these seeds and you’d picture exotic dishes full of heat. The perfect complement to our chosen Celtic botanicals, it adds a subtle flavour of pine and pepper.
  • Cassia Bark; reminiscent of cinnamon but with more depth of character and delicate flavour, this exotic spice lends its fragrant aroma and sweetish taste to Caorunn Gin. 
  • Orange Peel; with its deliciously sweet odour cut with a slight hint of bitterness, the orange peel helps add to the crisp, refreshing flavour of Caorunn Gin.
  • Angelica Root; fabled for centuries as a healing herb, this enigmatic root provides a sweet warm taste to complement the other Caorunn gin botanicals. 

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