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Our Unique Process

What makes Caorunn Gin so unique?

Our small-batch distillation process uses a Copper Berry Chamber created in the US, back in the 1920s. The sole purpose of this chamber was to extract essential oils as a base to create perfumes, but what does this mean for crafting gin you might ask? 

Well, using the Copper Berry Chamber to distil our gin means the copper works by reacting with the fragrances of our botanicals, extracting maximum flavour to create perfectly balanced and delicious gin. Pretty clever, eh?

Not only that, but we hand-forage 5 Celtic botanicals locally, and blend these with 6 classic gin botanicals to create a uniquely balanced and flavourful recipe. 

Our slow distillation means the Copper Berry Chamber can take its time to create a perfectly balanced, well rounded and delicious gin with those specially selected botanicals. Not just ingenious - it's Gin Genius.