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Hand-crafted in a malt whisky distillery, there’s a lot about Caorunn Gin that’s ingenious. Five of our eleven botanicals are hand-foraged locally, and they're all distilled slowly in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber. This clever contraption infuses the flavours as evenly as possible, and the result is a mouthwateringly refreshing gin.

Not only that, but we only ever distil in small batches, to make sure every last drop tastes as delicious as the first.

If you think all of this sounds good, then you should taste it. Explore our range and find your perfect Gin Genius partner.

  • Caorunn Original 70cl bottle

    Caorunn Gin


    So you already know "it's the one served with apple" but there's so much more to our classic gin. Find out what goes into our recipe to create the full-bodied and invigorating flavour we're known for.

  • Caorunn Blood Orange Bottle without tag

    Blood Orange


    The invigorating dry, crisp taste of Caorunn is further enhanced by the infusion of Blood Orange and Chilli to create a vibrant, refreshing and citrusy gin.

  • 004a Caorunn Scottish Raspberry 70cl Bottle PNG

    Scottish Raspberry


    May we present our fun alternative to a fruit salad. Our Scottish Raspberry Gin demonstrates the clever way our Copper Berry Chamber extracts maximum flavour from our 11 gin botanicals, with an added blast of Perthshire Raspberries for fruitiness.