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Are you stuck for ideas on how to keep in touch with friends and family?  Are you looking for ideas on how to keep yourself entertained while the world changes around us.  Our guest blogger, Donna Henry has shared her top tips!  Over to you, Donna.

With the current pandemic creating restrictions we've never seen before, you may be missing friends, family and colleagues more than ever. This is leading us to embrace new ways of socialising with others.

You may not be able to go out for a pub lunch on a Sunday, get a coffee with your colleagues or go round to your mum's for a cuppa, but there are still lots of creative ways we can stay in touch.

Virtual Brunch
Why not have a lazy Saturday morning with your friends and cook up a lovely brunch? Whip up some scrambled eggs or pancakes, and video call your friends on Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp. Chat together as you eat your meals, and enjoy with a freshly brewed coffee or even a brunch cocktail like our Beauty and the Beast.

Exercise Classes
Keeping fit is a great de-stressor for many, heading to the gym after work or going to a local exercise class. While gyms are closed, many are now live streaming workouts on social media.

Taking part live, at the same time as others, can really make you feel as if you're part of a team. And if the times of the live classes don't work out with your schedule, then there are lots of home workouts available on YouTube or even personal trainers offering one to one sessions.

Pub Quiz
Missing after-work drinks with colleagues? One of the most popular activities of lockdown is the virtual pub quiz! The host makes a PowerPoint with the questions, shares their screen on the video call, and everyone can see the questions as they're asked. There's plenty of apps that can be used too! And, typically the winner is tasked with making the next quiz!

And for a proper pub experience, try our Caorunn perfect serve G&T.

Travel Virtually
Holidays! Many of us have had trips cancelled, from city breaks to a week in the sun. There are many virtual tours available for free online, including Google Arts & Culture tours, nature walks and street art trails.

Create a holiday at home by getting dressed up, making a regional dish from your destination of choice and doing an online tour. Close your eyes for a second, and you'll almost feel like you're there!

Not Tech Savvy?
Maybe you're trying to keep in touch with older relatives and apps and downloads are like a foreign language to them... Why not pick up the phone, write a letter (everyone loves to receive some snail mail!) or even send a gift from a local business to brighten up their day and support an independent organisation?

We are all having good days and bad days in the current situation, but by making sure you stay connected with others, you can stay positive and help others to keep their spirits lifted. We hope you have taken some ideas from this and that you can take some comfort in knowing that we are all in this together!

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