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Cheers to the weekend!

It feels like forever ago that we had that Friday feeling.

Lockdown life means every day pretty much feels the same and one of the biggest things we’re missing is the unique energy of a Friday. The anticipation of fun, freedom and relaxation ahead, tying up those loose ends, tasks and projects at work with a feeling of satisfaction before getting our lives for two days. Feeling that cut off point between the responsibility and pressure of work as we cross the 5pm on a Friday line into ‘leave it all behind’ mode.

Fridays just aren’t what they used to be but... we can still inject a bit of pizzazz back into our end of week, reclaim our weekends and feel joy as the clock hands tick tock ever slowly towards the start of the golden hour of the week – 5pm on a Friday.

We’ve pulled together a list of some ideas of things you might like to start planning into your weekend to give you something to look forward to (we like to turn our thoughts to the weekend ahead on a Monday night and jot down a couple of ideas for our weekend plans each night of the week – it really keeps us going!) and make you feel that you’ve got your weekends back.

Create the ultimate playlist/classic movie list
A kitchen disco is our 7pm on a Friday activity, usually with a French 75 and all the moves that we would probably never take to the actual dance floor! Build a classic ‘kitchen disco’ playlist every week, lose yourself to the music and throw down some serious shapes in the comfort of your own kitchen. You can even inject some sparkle and energy into a dull and dreary Tuesday night by putting together your kitchen disco playlist.

How many movies have you said you must watch and never have? Start drawing up a list of all the movies you want to/meant to see but never have one night during the week and have your own special movie night at the weekends, ticking off the titles in your list (and catching your breath after your kitchen disco energy expenditure!)

Pamper time
Oh how we miss our manicures! Our home efforts are just not quite the same but by setting time aside to do it the way the professionals do, we can have *almost* salon style nails and there’s something kind of lovely and old school about painting our nails. An instant transportation back to being little girls with sparkly nail varnish. Follow it up with a giant bubble bath - this is our 5pm on a Saturday ‘go to’. You might not be hitting the bars, restaurants or dance floors in the near future but you can still enjoy the ‘getting ready to go out’ experience, even if you’re staying in. Get your bath treats bought/ordered during the week and look forward to a bit of pampering, switch off and chill out before you go full hair, make up and Saturday night outfit. It feels absolutely amazing to get your glam back on, pour your cocktail and catch up with friends and family on Zoom (and you can kick your heels off and nobody will know…) or, why not catch-up in the garden.

Decorate your work or study desk
Have you been sitting in the same square metre workspace for the past 10 weeks? It may well be the same space where you eat and socialise online, in which case, you’re probably there for 10 hours a day. That means you’ve been in that space for over 500 hours recently… That’s a reason for a change of scene if ever there was one! Think about moving your place of work to somewhere else in the house if you can – it really does give you a lift and change perspective or give your working area a bit of a mini-makeover. Order some candles, new stationery and accessories, buy a plant or some flowers – anything that injects a bit of life, colour and your personality into your workspace. Take a couple of hours at the weekend to plan it all out and look forward to changing things up a bit.

Cook or bake something
Get your kitchen tunes on, pour a Caorunn & Tonic, throw your apron on and start work on creating a recipe you’ve never tried before or perfect one that you’ve tried many times but haven’t yet mastered. One of our favourite things to make at the weekend are canapés. It’s delightfully therapeutic creating an array of tasty little hot and cold morsels we can spread out on the kitchen table to nibble on with a cocktail over the course of an evening or as a late night (post kitchen disco!) snack. It also injects a little bit of occasion into the weekends. Research your recipes through the week, do your shopping and look forward to some fancy kitchen creation time.

Organize your wardrobe and things
We know that this thought doesn’t thrill and excite but…with summer on its way, you might want to do the season changeover in your wardrobe, put your Winter/Spring clothes away and get these summer dresses back on their hangers. That’s the boring bit. The exciting bit is getting your summer wardrobe out of storage and checking for pieces that you need to bring some sunshine into your wardrobe and indulging in some online retail therapy!

It’s not going to be the most fun thing to do ever but just half an hour of taking care of your personal admin creates so much light relief and removes all those little pressure blocks when you know there are things you need to be doing but just can’t fit it in during the week. It means you can look forward to going into the week ahead feeling a bit lighter and decluttered.

Do yoga and meditate
It can be hard to switch off during the week with the pressures of work, home schooling, housework (don’t you find during lockdown that nothing feels tidy for long…), meal prep, washing, ironing and our brains in ‘fully engaged’ mode probably a bit more than we’d want them to be. Enjoy a positively zen like experience by blocking an hour out at the weekend to do an online yoga class or find a yoga session on YouTube that matches your ability and experience.

Head for the great outdoors
Ditch the Zoom for an afternoon and meet up with friends or family (in a socially distanced way of course) for a walk, picnic (remember to bring your own cutlery and plastic glasses!), ramble in the local area, jaunt to the beach (if you're lucky enough to have one near by), or a BBQ, so long as you're following the latest guidance.

Start a new TV series to binge on
This remains our favourite Sunday afternoon activity. It’s the ultimate switch off and banishes any feelings of Monday dread when things swing back to the normal day-to-day (but not really…). We’d love to say that we watch a couple of episodes and look forward to spreading them out across the week ahead (and sometimes we do and we love it when we do!), but mostly we consume in large amounts, in a oner! Our absolute guilty pleasure.

We hope we’ve given you a few thoughts for planning some fun, relaxation and excitement back into your weekends and just know that whatever of these you choose to do, we are all in the same boat.

Here’s to the weekend!

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