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As autumn descends upon the enchanting city of Edinburgh, it comes alive with vibrant celebrations and a spirited atmosphere, welcoming the much-anticipated return of Edinburgh Cocktail Week. 


For ten days in October, this lively festival takes over the city, offering a delightful journey through the world of mixology, featuring over 100 bars that showcase their craft and creativity.

This annual event is more than just a festival; it offers a unique opportunity to explore an array of cocktails, from timeless classics to innovative creations, all carefully crafted by skilled bartenders and mixologists. The epicentre of this celebration is the bustling Cocktail Village, where pop-up bars and entertainment come together to create a vibrant and unforgettable experience.

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Hotel du Vin Edinburgh: Timeless Luxury in the Heart of Old Town

Among the various venues participating in Edinburgh Cocktail Week, Hotel Du Vin stands out as a luxurious oasis in the heart of the city. This four-star hotel offers an experience that is both elegant and eclectic, with a rich history that adds a layer of intrigue to its already captivating ambiance. Housed in what was once known as "Bedlam" in the 18th century, a term for a "lunatic asylum," the hotel's transformation from its historical role to its present-day splendour is truly remarkable.

Hotel Du Vin is renowned for its well-appointed rooms, exquisite dining, and unique features such as a cigar bothy, whisky snug, and wine cellar. The hotel's ability to seamlessly blend luxury and comfort creates a welcoming and memorable atmosphere for guests.

Gin Fruit Foamer: A Cocktail of Distinction

One of the highlights of Hotel Du Vin's participation in Edinburgh Cocktail Week is the creation of a special cocktail known as "Gin Fruit Foamer" Using Caorunn classic gin as its base, this cocktail is simple yet eye-catching and plays wonderfully across your taste buds in unexpected ways. 

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To create this mixology masterpiece you’ll need:

  • Caorunn Gin (35ml): The heart of this cocktail, Caorunn Gin, brings its unique blend of locally foraged botanicals, creating a gin that is slightly spicy, full-bodied, and invigorating, with a clean and crisp finish.
  • Cointreau (25ml): This orange liqueur adds a sweet and tangy dimension to the cocktail, balancing its flavours.
  • Bristo (15ml): A key component, Bristo, adds a delightful touch of herbal and bitter notes to the mix.
  • 2-1 Sugar Syrup: A simple syrup that sweetens the cocktail just right.
  • Funkin Pro Lemon Juice (25ml): A splash of lemon juice brings a zesty and refreshing element to the cocktail.
  • 1 Raspberry: A single raspberry adds a burst of fruity goodness and a pop of colour.
  • 2 Drops of Miraculous Foamer: These foamer drops create a velvety and luxurious texture, enhancing the overall drinking experience.
  • Dehydrated Raspberry Dust: To finish, a sprinkle of dehydrated raspberry dust not only adds a touch of elegance but also a burst of raspberry aroma.

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Caorunn Gin: The Heart of the Gin Fruit Foamer

Caorunn Gin, the key ingredient in Gin Fruit Foamer cocktail, is a modern London Dry gin with a classic Celtic soul. It's crafted with a unique approach that sets it apart from traditional gin-making methods. The distinctive feature of Caorunn Gin is its use of a Copper Berry Chamber, a technique inspired by perfume distillation, which allows the gin to extract maximum flavour from its locally foraged botanicals.

This infusion of five Celtic botanicals, foraged within a ten-minute walk of the distillery, gives Caorunn Gin a unique profile. It combines the essence of rowan berry, heather, coul blush apple, dandelion, and bog myrtle with six classic gin botanicals. The result is a gin that is slightly spicy, full-bodied, and invigorating, with a clean and crisp finish.

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