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Welcome to a new month, a new year and a new decade!

Nothing is more refreshing and invigorating than that fresh start feeling (apart from a Caorunn and tonic!) – the chance to maybe do things a bit differently; better, based on what we want to achieve, and of course what we have learned.

How many times have we looked at the 365-day expanse of a new year though and jumped straight in at the deep end, perhaps over ambitiously with grand plans 'to do' and 'to-don't' which start to fall by the wayside and by the second Friday in January (famously known as Quitters' Day), have all but evaporated?

We can be so hard on ourselves with these new year resolutions and plans for change, feeling the need to bring the 'big guns out' in terms of radical life adjustments to attain that picture in our minds of what success looks like.

Our mission at Caorunn is very much focused on doing simple things very, very well – it runs through everything we do. It allows us to create a unique, clean, clear, crisp and uniquely authentic spirit which is enjoyed in many a glass the world over, especially as the bells ring in a new year.

That really is the essence of Caorunn – there is nothing overcomplicated in our process to create one of life's simple pleasures.

We make the best of our surroundings, carefully foraging in the heart of the Highlands to pick the five Celtic botanicals – Rowan Berry, Heather, Coul Blush Apple, Dandelion and Bog Myrtle that give Caorunn its aromatic, distinctive depth.

From forage to glass, each stage of our process uses simple traditional, century-old techniques to capture the flavours and aromas in the botanicals. We produce our spirit slowly, carefully and with passion – it is our craft, and we think that the essence of how we make Caorunn could perhaps be taken forward and used in lots of ways in our day to day lives.

Complication produces confusion. Simplicity brings calm and quality, and we think there's real value sometimes in getting back to basics a little and doing the simple things in life well, using a traditional approach to bring greater fulfilment, joy, success and enrichment in the life we lead.

Our 2020 Top Five Tips for Success in Simplicity


Consistency doesn't mean being amazing every day and 'firing in all cylinders'. It means having a schedule, routine and philosophy that works to help support you in achieving your goals and removing the barriers or complications that make it challenging to stay consistent. Every day is different of course, but there are simple things that we can all do routinely that give us a better chance at remaining consistent and achieving success in the ways that we want.

  • Stay focused on your 'why' – what are you working towards, and what do you want to achieve? Keep this front of mind, always. Never underestimate the power of a clear, simple vision.
  • Make time for the priorities – if you don't make time in your diary for the things that matter, they won't happen, and 'life' will have eaten up your day before you know it. It could be a 15-minute walk to give you space and time to think and re-energise, a 10-minute call to a friend or family member to connect or a 45-minute exercise class that will help you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Never think of these things as extras. They are some of the most important things in life – what are your priorities? What is important to you? Put it in your' day to day'!
  • We are all guilty of cancelling and postponing things we don't feel like doing, and we will always, always find a good reason/excuse when we feel like that. Its life and part of life is overcoming challenges and removing barriers. The 'I don't feel like it' is our biggest barrier to remaining consistent, so when you feel like this (and we all do!), remember your 'why' to keep you focussed but at the same time, don't beat yourself up if you didn't do the things you set out to do that day. Tomorrow's another day and a whole new opportunity.


Do fewer things, better

Ever feel like you're doing too many things in an 'ok' way but doing nothing particularly well? It's a symptom of a fast-paced, multi-tasking, pressured world where we're walking and texting, cooking and checking emails, chatting on the phone while trying to do other things and not listening at all. Sometimes we are lurching through our 'to do' list without feeling like we've achieved anything. Where possible, slow things down a little and focus on one thing at a time, don't be overambitious in what you want to achieve and cut your to-do list in half. Do things better, slowly and remember to savour the moment too. Not every task has to feel like work!


Get the basics right

This is the key to success in so many areas of life, and this approach really does give us the opportunity to do simple things very, very well, like creating the perfect Caorunn and Tonic before you hone your skills as a super-duper cocktail shaker maker; practising making a simple 'winner' in the kitchen, like an apple crumble instead of an elaborate pastry pud that is likely to look entirely different to that picture in the cooking book and leave you feeling like you've created a beige, flaky fail! It's a bit' learning to walk before you run' in theme. Draw up a list of ten simple things that you want to get better at doing in 2020 and enjoy that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment as you move through your list.


Patience and time

Some things take a while to get right, so allow yourself time to do that. Great things are never achieved in a hurry (unless you're an F1 driver…). Be patient with yourself, do things at your own time in your own way and most importantly, enjoy the process. Somewhere in that you'll probably discover passion, inspiration and a lot of fulfilment, whatever it is you're turning your hand to, whether it's a new hobby or a work project. Quite often we find great enjoyment in things that initially we felt would be quite daunting.



Always look at where you've been and where you are now in whatever journey you've embarked upon, to remind you of progress. In many ways, it's what keeps us moving forward; knowing how far we've come, especially as we enter a new year. We like to take a moment to reflect on where we were at this time last year and think about the fantastic things we've achieved and of course acknowledge some of the challenges we've overcome. The reward is that sense of achievement when you take five minutes to let your mind drift back over the last 12 months and recognise all these wins – the little ones and the big ones. That's something to raise a glass to!

We hope our simple approach to work and life will bring you happiness, fulfilment and a wonderful year ahead.

Here's to 2020 and your best year yet!



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