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Yep – Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and with it comes a heavy pink cloud of pressure to be doing something wonderful, receiving something immediately Instagrammble and splashing some serious amounts of cash on these annual symbols of love that we must buy to show our love and commitment to that special someone.

Our mantra? #NotPink

We’re getting right behind the beautifully simple idea of just being good to your other half all the time and for those of you hoping that Cupid will draw back his bow and stir up romantic feelings for you and your crush, then forget all the Valentine’s jazz and just ask them out!

There are many ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day in #NotPink style and show your beloved just how much you love and appreciate them.

Here’s our top 5 #NotPink for Valentine’s Day 2020!

1. Mixtape

Whether you’re from the generation who patiently recorded a cassette mixtape for the object of your affection (remember trying to write the song titles in these teeny weeny cassette covers?), or you were a mini disc-er or you’re a stone cold Spotify kitchen DJ, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a thoughtfully curated playlist of songs that will mean something to your special person.  And we don’t mean a bunch of songs that you like, we mean putting together a collection of songs that lets your other half know that you understand and appreciate them; that you listen to them and know what fires them up and makes them feel happy. Music stimulates emotion. It brings back memories, it makes us want to dance, it makes us feel a certain way. Don’t underestimate the power of music in getting straight to the heart of that special someone.

2. A love letter

Yes, one that is on actual paper. In our digital world of fast flashes and bleeps that tell us when our attention is wanted by anyone from our other half to our boss, wouldn’t it be so refreshing and uplifting to see words of love and appreciation in actual black and white, on a real life piece of paper? Committing words to paper feels so much more permanent and meaningful than texts or a schmaltzy card. How wonderful would it be to receive a real love letter! Something to treasure forever in a box of keepsakes, just like the old days.

3. A heart-warming meal for two

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a carefully thought out and prepared meal of all your favourite treats. Our philosophy is all about doing simple things really, really well and when it comes to cooking for someone, it’s often the case that the traditional ‘winners’ will surprise and delight, rather than ultra-fancy. Stick with the simple classics. Oysters are great, but have you ever had a brilliantly prepared shepherd’s pie on a cold night in February? Staying in became the new going out a long time ago, and you have the added bonus of being just the two of you – no distractions.

4. Chill

In our franticly paced world, two of our biggest luxuries have become sleep and downtime. Health and wellbeing are big priorities as we strive to nourish our bodies and souls with the right kinds of everything to withstand the pressures and challenges of 21st century living. Ask someone nowadays what they really, really want and you’ll probably find that it’s less diamond and more duvet (or maybe we can have both?). Rest is everything; we function entirely differently when we’re well rested so wouldn’t one of the greatest gifts of all be chill time?

5. Caorunn

Did you know that love is also spelt C-A-O-R-U-N-N?

So much love, passion and patience (the key ingredients to any successful relationship) is poured into every drop of Caorunn and to celebrate our 10 year anniversary (cheers!), we created our very first flavoured gin; an infusion of raspberries with a clear, crisp taste, natural sweetness and not a hint artificial additives or pink! #NotPink

We can’t think of anything more perfect to have in our glass this Valentine’s Day (while your other half’s preparing that Shephard’s Pie, just before that giant bubble bath and jammies combo and as you settle down post dinner with your movie). Seeing as it is Valentine’s Day, we’ll be enjoying ours in a Blush Apple Martini, or a Valentine’s Clover Club.

We hope we’ve given you some #NotPink inspiration!

Simple, meaningful gestures go a long way and #NotPink is as much a refreshing concept as it is served in a glass with tonic and ice cubes!

However, you are celebrating Valentine’s Day 2020 – here’s to you!

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