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This is the time of year when we’re normally packing our bags and heading off to far flung places for our annual dose of sea, sunshine, sand, a change of scene and renewed perspective on life.

Some of us will travel but many of us will choose to stay home and use our holiday time away from work to rest, recharge and explore what we have around us.

We’re not going far and away this year so as we settle into our ‘new norm’, we’ve pulled together a list of activities that we’ll be filling our days and nights with as we take our breaks over the coming weeks and thought we would share with you our ‘staycation inspiration’!


1.      Camping in the garden

Recreate a wilderness adventure (but with home comforts!) in your own garden and set up a tent for an overnight ‘at one with nature’ experience with none of the hassles that can come with camping.  Enjoy a cocktail hour on the grass (some delicious summery recipes below), fire up the bbq and when dusk arrives, get the round the campfire or firepit with these marshmallows.  What could be better for the soul than a night under the stars (and no outdoor loos!).  Add your own touch of luxury with mattresses, pillows, blankets and create an outdoor sanctuary – glamping if you like!

Bee’s Fizz

Summer Orchard

Caorunn Berry

Caorunn Mint Julep

Caorunn Limon

2.      Be a tourist in your own town

It can be so easy to take our immediate surroundings for granted, especially when we’re itching for a change of scene having been locked down for over four months.  Sometimes, just changing our perspective is enough and what’s working for us right now is putting ourselves in the shoes of the people who come to visit our villages, towns and cities from afar and becoming tourists in our own towns.  Think as they do – where would they visit in your area?  What would they do?  What type of experiences would they want to have?  Pick five things you’d like to find out, experience and discover on your doorstep that you’ve never done – the type of things that people fly thousands of miles to your area to do.

3.       Throw routine out of the window

Routine has been one of the most important aspects of lockdown – it’s the one thing that has given us all a sense of normality but when it comes to holidaying at home, we are throwing routine out the window and replacing all of that with a ‘take the day as it comes’ vibe.  Remember that feeling of staying up late and watching movies because it’s the school holidays? Long lies in, brunch, pottering in the house and taking time to do things, letting your mind wander.  Removing the need to do certain things at certain times really does release the pressure and help you unwind.

 4.      Table travel

Instead of the run of the mill every-day meals, why not take a trip round the world with a different theme of cuisine each night?  Tapas and paella, an Italian feast, a Middle Eastern banquet, an Aussie style bbq, steak frites – you can experience the pleasure of those holiday meals out at home with a bit of prep and planning, which is almost as much fun as the eating bit!

5.      Holiday reads

Just because you’re not lying on a sun lounger (athough who are we to say that you’re not – the sun may be shining on you for your entire staycation!) doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy one of the summer blockbuster reads.  Is there anything better than zoning out with an absolute page turner and losing yourself in another world?

6.      Digital detox

We know…easier said than done.  We are all constantly consumed with that feeling of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), especially in these challenging times when we’ve become so attuned to staying tuned for information, alerts, advice and updates.  If you’ve been working from home, you’re probably feeling like you’re constantly ‘on’ and there’s no line between work life and home life anymore, so stepping away from the computer is big on our list of ‘to dos’ this summer.  It will be there in a week’s time and you’ll get through everything you need to get through.  We always do.  The benefits you’ll reap by switching the off button on technology will calm your mind, help you refocus and give you headspace to do a bit of daydreaming – a holiday luxury.

7.      Daytripper

Head for the hills for a bracing, energising climb or get your bucket and spade and head to the seaside for the day for the sound of waves, seagulls and the taste of fish and chips and ice cream.  Getting away from your environment for even just a day is enough to give you a new perspective and it always feels so lovely to get back home after a day away.  You appreciate everything you have so much more when you leave it, even for a little while.

8.      Pamper Day

Anyone else missing these spa days which were always such a luxury and treat but now even more so (because we still can’t have them…).  We are delighted to have our nails done again after months of our home efforts but wouldn’t it be so wonderful to have a day of complete pampering and relaxation?  Well, staying at home is the ideal time for that – who ever does that on holiday anyway; we’re too busy soaking up the sunshine or off exploring new places.  Book a day with your bathroom, candles, fluffy robe and towels, face masks and lotions and potion and enjoy a dreamlike experience with none of the cost and all of the luxury.

9.      Sleep

The past few months have been hard on the body, mind and soul and not many of us have been having the sleeps we might usually get.  If your eyes are feeling heavy mid-afternoon, close them, zone out, drift off and know that it is absolutely fine to do so.  Anything that needs to be done can be done later. Listen to your body, tune into what it needs.

10.   Yoga

Create your own retreat and get your vinyasa flow on with a few different YouTube yoga videos.  Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced yogi, having that hour of yoga every day really will fill your life with some special stuff.  Nope, we can’t explain it either but yoga really is magic!  The combination of focus, the flow of energy through your body and having that time just for you is a powerful combination.  Bring a bit of Bali into your home with some scented candles, chilled out sounds and whatever type of yoga floats your boat.

So, if you’re planning to roll like we are in our staycation, we hope you have a wonderful, fun, chilled out and happy time and create summer memories of a different nature this year.

Happy home holidays!

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