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Easter is a celebration we all look forward to so much for so many reasons. It’s a bit like reaching the light at the end of a long, dark tunnel; winter behind us and new life ahead. The buds are coming to life again on the trees, the sound of the morning birdsong, the change in light, longer days and the feeling of just being a bit lighter within ourselves. It’s a time where we see family and friends and enjoy life’s treats – warm company, good food, a few celebratory drinks and days out in the sunshine.

It’s not to be, not this year. It feels very different but, we’re determined to look on the bright side to get us through difficult times. So we’ve put our heads together (virtually!) and come up with some ideas on how you can still have fun and celebrate Easter whether you’re on your own or with your immediate family.

We think there’s still joy to be had, so have a read our three ‘C’s below and bring some Easter magic into your home.


Gone are the days of rushing home from work and cobbling up a meal in a hurry (well, for now, …those days will return!). Isn’t time a beautiful thing? We’re doing everything so much more slowly now and enjoying switching our minds off a bit from the never-ending to-do list with an always ticking clock.

Make the most of your time indoors by experimenting in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and creating culinary wonders to enjoy this weekend or to pop in the freezer for the days when you don’t feel so drawn to the kitchen. Cooking, especially baking, is so therapeutic; the mixing and pouring and watching a doughy mix rise into something wonderful, whether it’s bread, cupcakes or a pie.

These Caorunn and Apple Cupcakes are an absolute winner and perfect for this Easter weekend with a cold, crisp Caorunn Perfect Serve G & T. This white chocolate Caorunn cake is an ideal Good Friday teatime indulgence.

Cooking’s a lovely way to escape, with your music on or the radio for company – it’s a treat, a pleasure and not only does it give you a sense of satisfaction, but it also gives you something delicious to look forward to enjoying.

Caorunn Gin Apple Cupcakes Photo By Plush Design Studio


The days feel strange and without the identity they used to have.  Fridays no longer feel so Friday-ish.  Every day runs into the next and this will be the first holiday weekend we’ve had when we’re not able to do the things we would normally do.  There’s no reason why you can’t create a special Easter cocktail hour and invite friends or family to join you online, on Zoom, Google Hangouts, Facetime or whatever medium you prefer.

We’re having our cocktail hour this Saturday at 6pm and each of our team will be creating one of our many Caorunn cocktails which we’ll ‘cheers’ to each other to celebrate this Easter weekend.

We’ve gone for the simple approach, nothing too fancy by way of ingredients so that we’re able to make use of what’s on the drinks trolley or the cupboard without hitting the shops.  Here are the four cocktails we’ll be making this weekend.

Caorunn Home Thyme 5


Our lives at the moment are a strange mix of new world and old world. We've become more reliant on technology than ever before for most aspects of our lives, whether that's work or keeping in touch with friends and family. On the other hand, elements of our lives have returned to what many might say are the 'good old days', when we took our time to do things, living life in an unhurried way and seeking out simple pleasures.

Crafting has become one of the biggest trends to come out of the pandemic, and we can't think of a better way to pass the time and let any anxieties wash away. We would say that of course; we take massive pride in crafting Caorunn and enjoy all the different parts of that creative process, so the idea of being able to do that in our own homes over the Easter weekend delights us!

Knitting needles are clicking together in homes everywhere at the moment so while there may be some disruption to the Easter Bunny this weekend, why not knit him instead! There are lots of tutorials and patterns online for creating a chunky knit Easter Bunny in a couple of hours, and you'll always remember the Easter you made him and why. A lovely way to get some 'flow' time and create something special to bring out every Easter.

If you can, why not pop a couple of bunches of flowers in your basket the next time you're out for your essential shopping and rather than stick them in a vase, create your own Easter flower wreath to hang on your door and brighten your home up. There are lots of tips online, and it'll give you a peaceful and calming activity for a couple of hours.

Tie-dye eggs. Yes, it is a 'thing', and it's much easier than it sounds. Have a look online for simple instructions and create small egg-shaped bursts of colour to cheer up your home this Easter weekend.

Create an Easter tree from some branches and foliage you might have in your garden or collect if you're out walking. You might want to paint the twigs in pastel colours, or spray paint and decorate with the tie-dye eggs you've just made.

Caorunn Gin Tye Die Easter Eggs Photo By Wokandapix

We hope that however you choose to spend your time this Easter weekend, you have some fun, some ‘you’ time and find your flow whether it’s crafting, cooking or cocktailing!

Happy Easter!

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