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Just when we were needing a big winter pick me up, along comes THE American sporting event of the year and the ultimate excuse to throw a party.

Super Bowl Sunday comes with the annual tradition of gathering friends and family together to enjoy a relaxing day of fun, football and of course that half time entertainment featuring some of the biggest stars of all time.

Whether you're a sports fan planning on being glued to the screen or would prefer to mix and mingle away from the action with a glass in hand and some great company, we've got the perfect guide to scoring some supersize host points on game day with our Ultimate Super Bowl Sunday Party Guide.

Where it's at...

Your kitchen and your living room will be your two main party spaces - one for the sports fans, one for the minglers and of course there will be guests who do both (the mixers!). Super Bowl Sunday is relaxed with a capital R, and if your guests feel chilled, and you're organized, everything will go swimmingly and you may also be able to have a great time at your own party believe it or not! If you've done the prep, you can look forward to minimal stress and maximum fun on the day.

1. Creating your space

Ok, we don't recommend moving all the furniture but you might want to move some of your ornaments out of harm's way (things can get very excited!) and switch the furniture about a  bit to create more floor space for cushions, bean bags, pillows, camping chairs and general lounging about opportunities in front of the screen.

2. Help yourself

The best parties are when people feel at ease and relaxed enough to help themselves to food and drink and it saves you running around like a stressed out-host with one eye on the oven and the other on glasses that need topping up. Make it easy for you and your guests by setting up a sophisticated buffet and replenishing as necessary (and make sure there's easy access to it all!)

3. Décor and atmosphere

You can go big with a theme - football related decorations and dishes, pom-pom displays, team colours - yellow and blue for the Rams (who are going for their classic colours for the occasion - same colours they wore back in 2000 when they won the Super Bowl) and the Patriots are going for white. Or, you can keep the décor to a minimum and create colour in your party atmosphere. Your guests will be glued to the box at half time - it's one of the annual sporting highlights we all look forward to...the ads, the entertainment, the mishaps! Such a talking point for days to come! But...after the game the party gets into full swing so why not make a mix tape of all the songs that were top of the charts for the last 20 Super Bowls? We're thinking the likes of Madonna, Shania Twain, Beyonce and Outkast.

The Drinks

Well this is where we really come in handy! We know that lots of people will stick with the beer cooler as thats part and parcel of a Super Bowl Sunday but why not shake things up and add a bit of entertainment of your own by creating a cocktail corner.

Let guests mix up their own versions of some of our cocktails below (fun, delicious and it saves you shaking your cocktail mixer for each and every one of your guests!). Some inspiration below:

G & G - Rosemary and gin pair beautifully with grapefruit for a refreshing tipple

Golden Spritz - created by the Four Seasons in Orlando, this is the perfect blend of refreshing bubbles and warm spice.

Super Tonic - perfect for a Super Bowl Sunday.

And...don't forget the punch - the easiest way to keep the drinks flowing. The Caorunn Countdown is the ultimate refreshment table showstopper!

The Food

Looking for a slice of snack inspiration? Look no further...

According to, this is the definitive list of the top Super Bowl snacks (we're hungry just casting our eyes over this!)

According to, this is the definitive list of the top Super Bowl snacks (we're hungry just casting our eyes over this!)

15. Vegetable Platter

14. Nachos

13. Queso

12. Guacamole

11. Chilli

10. Sliders

9. Pulled Pork Sandwiches

8. Buffalo Chicken Dip

7. Seven Layer Dip

6. Hot Dogs

5. Cocktail Meatballs

4. Pigs in a blanket

3. Pizza

2. Loaded Potato skins

1. Chicken Wings (1.25 billion chicken wings are eaten on Super Bowl Sunday!)

Our advice, choose six of these and make lots of them!

Enjoy, and may the best team win! 

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