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The arrival of Spring brings new life, blue skies, late sunsets and the chance to get outside again after what seems like a period of never-ending hibernation. This is the time of year when the world comes out to play again and nothing brings people together line some food and sunshine which is why we’re going big on celebrating National Picnic Day.

Picnics bring all the elements of a great time together, which is why some of our happiest memories are picnic days.

This may be your first experience eating outdoors in a while, so we’ve brought some fresh ideas together to give you inspiration for throwing the ultimate ‘picky food’ people party with plenty of perfect pairings for some easy to mix outdoors cocktails!

Location, Location, Location

Location really is everything, and there’s a big checklist of ‘must haves’ when it comes to organising a picnic. An obvious one, but somewhere that feels nice to spend time, whether it’s a beach, park, forest (or it can even be in the garden if that works best for you and your friends). Somewhere that has a big enough area to spread out and have fun – a picnic’s never a picnic really without a game of rounders.

The weather

At this time of year, it really can be four seasons in one day so make sure to account for all eventualities with the weather. Being warm and dry is the ‘aim for’, however bringing the picnic indoors in the event of rain could always bring an exciting twist.

The drinks

Add variety to your day outdoors with a range of drinks that are fun to make and deliciously refreshing. The easiest approach might be to go for pitchers of cocktails that you can mix when you arrive. Just make sure you have a big bag of ice in that cool bag as nobody likes a warm cocktail.

Caorunn Picnic Sangria
A cool summer punch, perfect for sharing.

Sunny Rennie
A splash of sunshine for your day outdoors!

Mackintosh Rose
A light, fruity refresher

Aubrey Cloud
A dry, sweet and aromatic mix of Elderflower, apple juice and ginger beer – the perfect picnic serve!

But…you can set up your outdoor gin bar with your portable serves and cocktail kit so if you’d rather let guests help themselves, with everyone bringing a contribution to the bar, you could shake and stir some of these cocktail recipes.

Caorunn Scottish Raspberry
Launched this month, our new addition to the Caorunn Gin Collection – clear, crisp and distinctively fruity.  Be the first to introduce Caorunn Scottish Raspberry to your friends!

Loch Fizz
A mellow mix of whisky, apple juice and pale ale with a twist of lime.

Caorunn Berry
Blackberries, raspberries and strawberry soda complement Caorunn’s natural botanicals with a refreshing sprig of mint to garnish

Caorunn Limon
There is joy in simplicity!  A twist on the classic Caorunn & Tonic, using Bitter Lemon.

 The food

We like to keep things simple and authentic for the best possible experience, so that means no fancy fuss or fripperies! The simple things are always the best. It all comes down to great ingredients and a bit of planning to bring the craft of pairing food with gin into your picnic prep.

Smoked salmon platter

One of the most natural ‘ginstronomy’ pairings, smoked salmon is an ideal, no fuss but deliciously elegant staple for your picnic spread. Serve on large platters with a selection of oatcakes or blinis and a large dollop of crème fraiche.

Gin Prawn Cocktail

24 prawns

200ml mayonnaise

75ml tomato ketchup

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

1 shot of Caorunn

1 lemon, juice only

Salt and black pepper

Mix all the ingredients together, season to taste. If serving in sandwiches, top with shredded iceberg lettuce and serve on brown bread.


Easy to serve, delicious and perfect for sharing – a cheeseboard is a must for every picnic hamper and there’s always something for everyone.

 The entertainment

Make your special picnic playlist and take a Bluetooth speaker to connect to your phone for some background buzz. We previously mentioned rounders, but frisbee is also a winner and if there’s a breeze in the air and pack a football which can be used for endless fun and games.

Cheers to happy picnicking and a great day out – we’ll pray for sunshine.


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