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When the mercury rises there's only one thing to do - play it cool! Our latest recipes for gin infused ice lollies and the coolest ice cubes will help you do just that!

You all know that Caorunn is a  beautifully versatile gin that lends itself to so many foodie and drink experiences, so we've got two oh so cool summer gin recipe ideas with a twist to help you stay chilled in these quite frankly, amazing but seriously sweltering temperatures.

Caorunn, apple and berry infused ice lollies


12 raspberries

75ml Caorunn

250ml tonic

50g caster sugar


1.  Stir the gin, tonic and sugar in a jug until the sugar dissolves and the tonic loses its fizz!

2.  Divide the raspberries between each of the six-lolly moulds

3.  Pop in the lolly sticks and freeze for four hours

4.  Serve to party people in a big bowl full of ice (or simply grab, go and sit yourself in the sun if it’s a C & T lolly for one!)


The Coolest Ice Cubes




Fresh thyme sprigs


1.  Fill each compartment of an ice cube tray (go for large ice cubes here) with a couple of blueberries, a raspberry slice and a sprig of thyme

2.  Fill to the rim with water and freeze

3.  Surprise and delight your guests with a C & T with a special icy twist!

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