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It’s often easy to take the evolution of design and style for granted; in many ways, it just kind of happens in the background, slowly filtering out and influencing the way things look in such a subtle way and over the course of many years, something ends up looking rather different to what it did in the past.  It’s life.  It’s evolution.  It’s education.  It’s changing with the times. It’s being brave.  It’s defining who you are and sometimes, it’s standing out from the crowd, one thing we’ve been pretty good at and something that we will always strive to do.

We’re going to hit our 9th Birthday soon; the world, style, design, technology, the way we communicate, in fact every aspect of our lives has changed so much in that nine years.  While our award-winning gin recipe will never ever change, we felt that the time had come for us to give you something new, something to get excited about, something to look at and think ‘Wow’.  Think of it as our new party outfit to wear to our 9th birthday…

Caorunn Gin New Bottle

Yes, you’ve guessed it…we are absolutely delighted to announce that we will be releasing a brand new bottle to mark this important milestone in our journey, success and evolution.  Times, they are a changin’, and so must we.

So, what’s new and what’s different? 

Well, the existing decanter’s signature pentagonal shape and five-pointed asterisk base (representing the five hand-foraged Celtic botanicals which surround our Speyside distillery) has been redefined to create an exciting new look, eye-catching bottle.

Our artisan roots, the character of Caorunn and our modernity have been captured exquisitely in our new crisp, clean, extra white Flint glass bottle thanks to the creative minds at design agency JDO and glass producer Allied Glass.

Who are these great minds behind the new bottle?

Group Creative Director at JDO, Ben Oates was tasked with evolving our iconic five pointed shape to encapsulate the Scottish Highland heritage with a contemporary edge and elegant design. Graphics Specialist, Ray Smith focused on enhancing Caorunn’s craftsmanship through embossed details. Production Director, James Davies embraced contemporary labelling techniques with traditional craftsmanship by adding raised gloss varnishing, profiling the iconic red asterisk and placing it proudly at the top of the new 3D structure.

What are the experts saying?

Acclaimed drinks culture writer, mixologist and long term supporter of Caorunn, Tristan Stephenson believes the enhanced bottle shape is both “beautiful and functional, allowing bartenders to keep the clean and crisp gin close to hand.” Tristan admires the superb shelf presence and user friendly features “which match the handcrafted, versatile taste, creating an enjoyable drink experience for all involved.”

Drinks columnist and gastronomy consultant, Douglas Blyde rates the “natural cork and sense of paired down luxe” noting, “no wonder Caorunn feel at home as supporters of London Art Fair.”

Simon Buley, Caorunn Gin Master, whose signature is printed on each bottle of Caorunn to reflect that he alone oversees the entire craftsmanship process for each bottle said; “I am proud to see Caorunn showcased within such an exquisite bottle. The design has taken into consideration the Celtic botanicals foraged on the hills around Balmenach Distillery and how Caorunn is infused in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber. The care and attention of the spirit and bottle sets Caorunn apart.”

You can look forward to giving the new Caorunn bottle pride of place on your drinks trolley in the coming month.  In the meantime, you might like to bid a fond farewell to our existing bottle with one of the most popular Caorunn cocktails of the last ten years, the Caorunn Apple G & T (and don’t forget to treat yourself to a new bottle of the soon-to-be old bottle as a keepsake and of course, a design, innovation and style icon reminder).

Cheers to the next nine years and beyond!

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