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There is nothing that will polarise an audience more quickly than the following two words – Valentine’s Day.

In one camp we have the dreamy anticipators, romantics and ever hopefuls.  In the other camp we have the cynics, the heartbroken, the romantically reluctant and the love haters.

And…just to put the magnifying glass over all of that, it’s not just about being in a wonderful relationship or not.  The love hate attitude towards Valentine’s Day is more about people’s feelings towards there even being a day to celebrate romantic love; in having to express emotions, make feelings of love materialistically real and very, very evident whether it’s through roses, chocolates, super swish dinner or a marriage proposal accessorised with a giant sparkler.

Actually, when we said that there was nothing that would divide an audience more quickly than the words Valentine’s Day, let us also throw this one into the polarisation mix; “Did you get any Valentine’s cards?”…

There is no doubt about it, Valentine’s Day can make us feel elated or deflated.  There is no middle ground when it comes to the 14th February.  Nobody says “Yeah, Valentine’s Day was alright”.  Valentine’s Day is either ‘glitteringly amazing’ or ‘feel like the most unlovable creature in the world’, awful.

And that’s really no good (unless you’re one of the Valentine’s Day’s the best types, but remember, like Cinderella, when that clock strikes midnight…), and nobody should feel bad, disappointed, unloved or let down on any day of the year never mind this one, so we’ve decided this year to shuffle on to the world stage with our little Cupid’s bow and arrow and offer up the following suggestion:

What if we made this Valentine’s Day all about spreading love?

All kinds of love.  We put it to you that if you thought of one moment when you felt really happy, proper golden glow in the tummy, centred happy rather than flying through the clouds on a sparkling unicorn happy, it would be because you feel love, loved and connected to the most important people in your life.  People who know you, love you and value you for being you, the person you are.  Not the Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter you, but the actual person you are.

What if we made Valentine’s Day about being grateful for the really important people we have in our lives, rather than just that one person (or no person as the case often is…) and we created opportunities to show these people how loved they are. 

How good would they feel?  How good would you feel? 

Maybe we deal with our complex feelings towards this international day of romantic love by extending the concept and making it about ALL love.  Rather than celebrating lovers, we celebrate love.  Actually, it’s probably something we should do every day, but how about we use Valentine’s Day 2018 to make a start on that?

It’s nothing more complicated than doing the following…

  • Draw out three columns (we are column geeks, we know we know!)
  • Write down a list of the people who genuinely mean the world to you; who you adore and treasure and probably don’t tell or show them that you feel like that often enough.  People from your partner (if you have one) to your relatives, friends, people you work with, people who make a difference to your life.
  • In the second column write no more than 30 words on why that person is so special to you (30 words keeps it meaningful and stops you becoming a bit Shakespearey and flowery). 
  • In the third column write how you’re going to communicate these 30 words to them – it could be a card, yes it could be flowers, it could be doing something that helps them in their lives and leaving a little note, it could be leaving their favourite chocolate bar on their desk in that mid-afternoon slump hour with a special note wrapped round it, it could be buying lunch for a homeless person and writing a note to your special person to let them know you did that all in the name of them! 

It might be doing a little extra on a team project just to support someone at work who means a lot to you, easing their burden.  Lovingly making one of your special people one of our very special cocktails (here’s a lovely one for mum – Valentine’s Clover Club), or getting your group of girlfriends together and dedicating a different cocktail to each one of them along with your special 30 words (cocktails are like people – different looks, different vibes and different personalities – maybe a Wee Pink Rose, a Violette, a Celtic Heart or a Caorunn Twist Negroni for your Mister.)

There are so many ways we can express love.  Little nuggets of love rather than the ‘write your name in the sky and buy you a star’ kinda love.  Small, meaningful gestures hold so much more weight than grand displays of love and affection (unless you’re Kim Kardashian…we accept you may be disappointed if we left a choccy bar on your desk as a symbol of our love for you).

It’s a starting point and it will only make people feel better, never worse, and anything that makes people feel good, happy, uplifted, nicely surprised and better (especially if they ain’t feeling so great) is absolutely worth doing in our books.

The next step could be making a small different to people who you don’t know so well, but are part of your daily life; people who add something to your life, probably without even knowing it.  Think of all these daily encounters.  The coffee shop, the sandwich shop, your kid’s teacher, the bus driver, the mail man, the cleaning lady.  We can feel the Caorunn Love Project building and growing arms, legs, hearts and minds – it’s entirely up to you where you take it. 

It’s yours for the taking – our Valentine’s Day gift to you. And remember to share all of your love and inspire others to do the same #CaorunnLoveProject

Have a special day when it arrives and we hope that the love comes right back to you in our love revolution!

Happy Valentine’s Day when it comes!

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