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We’re not sure about you, but for us Autumn brings a shift in lifestyle and a cocktail of anticipation - glowing pumpkins, spooky faces, rustling under feet, roaring bonfires, cosy nights in with a gin and tonic in-hand (naturally!), and of course that ever fastening march towards the Christmas finishing line.

However, with crisp Autumn days upon us and the end of another year looming in the not too distant future it can be challenging to sustain that glowy, golden feeling which perviously couples perfectly with the summer months; so whether your feet are placed Instagrammably happily on a giant pile of crisp Autumn leaves, or your crashing through a puddle in your wellies, finding just the right balance of everything you love could just be the key to enjoying a rather fabulous Autumn 2017.

A look back at 2016’s Autumn lifestyle concept, Hygge

The secret of sustaining that golden everyday feeling was unlocked last year when we discovered hyyge and started channelling our cosy inner cinnamon bun to achieve ‘happy and contented’ every day. 

The appeal of concepts like this and a somewhat non-British lifestyle approach for Autumn is huge.  We do summer quite well here in Britain (apart from the weather) so perhaps there are countries all over the world adopting ‘Party with bunting’ as a British lifestyle concept, but for our darker months, we really do need to look far and wide for something to give us that extra reason to get of bed in the morning.

And it’s not just about that reason to get out of bed, what we’re really looking for is a theme that will tie all of the areas of our life together the way hygge did – our home, work, style, approach to life, hobbies – something that feels right for the Autumn season, something that feels ‘now’ that makes us excited about our lives and that ‘project lifestyle concept’, even when the 6 o’clock alarm offers the suggestion that a day spent under a duvet may be the best lifestyle concept on offer.

Hygge did all of that perfectly.  It gave us a great excuse to cosy in for a few months, transforming our homes into cappuccino hued Scandi-dens complete with our frothy coffees, pastries, blankets in five different textures and lots and lots of candles.  An Instagram winner.  We even introduced hygge to our wardrobes, replacing our Autumn brights with a greige spectrum of oatmeal, mink, brown, cream and grey. 

And hygge felt right for last year for so many reasons (the idea of hiding under a blanket held universal appeal…), but what have we got to get us through Autumn 2017?

And this Autumn’s lifestyle concept is…

Well, the 2017 lifestyle concept focuses around the theme of ‘what gets you out of bed in the morning’ (and no, holding down your job and getting kids to school on time is not a lifestyle concept…).  The ‘now’ concept is a new formula for happiness, Ikigai.

As simple a concept as the G & T (ok, we admit, it’s not quite that simple…) Ikigai whose name comes from the Japanese words iki, meaning life, and gai, meaning value or worth carries a simple yet valuable message in its core; secure a good balance of all of the things that you enjoy.

It is about authentic living for you – finding or recognising the thing that really gets you fired up.  In many ways, the thing that makes you ‘you’.  Finding your meaning - “the place where passion, mission, vocation and profession intersect”. 

To find your Ikigai, ask yourself four questions:

  1. What do you love?
  2. What are you good at?
  3. What does the world need from you?
  4. What can you get paid for?

Somewhere in the middle of that, in Venn diagram nirvana, is the place where all of the answers to these questions cross over.  That friends, is your Ikigai. 

Channelling your style through Ikigai

The beauty of the Ikigai concept is that your Ikigai is unique. 

What floats your boat and gets your groove on is always going to be different from anyone else because you’re you! 

Knowing ‘you’ and finding your Ikigai makes the decision making process for everything so much easier.  Especially when it comes to your style.

Think about who you believe looks effortlessly fabulous, whose outfits and homes you want to steal and make your own.  What makes them these creatures like no other? 

It’s down to knowing who they are, what they are and just as importantly, what they’re not.  You can’t really imitate someone else’s style, whether it’s the clothes they’re wearing or the décor of their home because style is really about much more than that.  It’s about authenticity.  Knowing what colours you like, what fragrances and flowers you like, what your signature cocktail might be (have a look here for some Autumn season cocktail inspiration), what you really want your Autumn coat and boots to look like, if you’re a white t-shirt or a black t-shirt kind of girl, pearl bracelet or love beads.

Enjoy being you and giving yourself and your home that whole new lease of life with the things that make you you this Autumn.  That really is the little pip at the centre of Ikigai.  

To help you make these all important Autumn purchases, we’re delighted to welcome one of the top lifestyle bloggers, Scotland’s very own Wendy Gilmore from ThankFifi (we promise you that you will want to steal her style right away) as our guest contributor this month… 

Enjoy the rest of October, keep cosy and enjoy finding your signature ‘you’!

Over to you Wendy…

ThankFifi Autumn Style tips

Autumn is the wonderful season of layering, the transition between summer and winter where you can really have a lot of fun with your looks before the weather turns really cold...

  • Embrace autumn colour.  Something about the leaves changing to those beautiful golden tones means that ochres, browns and reds are always on the style radar for this time of year.  These colours are earthy and much easier to wear than the pastels and brights of other seasons, so I really maximise them by wearing big blocks of colour, like coats or jumpers.

    Autumn 2017 Style

  • Layer up.  Autumn is the perfect time of year to play with layers.  Chunky knits and tailored coats can give your summer dresses an extra bit of airtime and if you're worried about bare legs then try leather leggings or over the knee boots.

 Autumn Style2

  • I love hats all year round but before it gets too cold and the winter woollies are out, I love a fedora.  It's such a classic shape and can really elevate the simplest jeans and tee kind of look into something more special.  I always remember the first time I ever wore one I was very self-conscious but fast forward a few years and I love them, they're kinda my thing now, so be brave and try it even if it's outside your comfort zone!  

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