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Hmm – we’re a bit torn on this one.  Literally like the paper on a huge present on Christmas Day!

The thing is, a present should be gratefully received whatever it is, whether it was on your list of ‘must haves’ or your mental list of ‘please don’t ever buy that for me’.  You must, whatever the occasion, turn on the dazzling lights of your beaming smile and say “I love it – thank you so much!  I have wanted one of these for absolutely ages!”  Oh, you lucky few who get to say that and actually mean it!

The holiday season is of course about spreading warmth and love and the symbol of that in our fast moving consumer goods world has come to be ‘the present’. 

What you gift is the symbol for so many things, and it shouldn’t be. 

Is it right that we measure the value of someone’s friendship for example based on the gift they gave us (well, probably yes if the gift you unwrap was the gift you gave to them last year…), or we think “that person doesn’t really understand me or know me at all”, as we unwrap our car hoovering kits, gold bullion door stops and cat calendars?  Well no, of course it’s not right, but we can’t help do it a little.

Yes, there is a place for thoughtless gifts (in a store assistant’s hand, scanning the receipt with refund about to be offered imminently…) but most gifts are given with the best intentions, perhaps bought under pressure, maybe a squeezed household budget or because that person genuinely thought that it would be the ideal gift for you (which actually might say more about you than them!).

At this point in December, you’ve probably got a little stash of pressies hidden away in a cupboard and you’re feeling a warm glow about the giving aspect because actually, that’s what it’s all about. The giving and not the receiving (especially for you cat calendar recipients) but how many of us view the outer layer of that experience as one of the most important parts, and by outer layer, we mean the way a present looks!

We do put a lot of emphasis on ‘what’s inside’ but in actual fact, the way a present is presented (see, it’s all in the word…) is just as, if not more important.

A beautifully wrapped present is in many ways symbolic of the time you have in your thoughts for that person. 

It says to that person ‘you are important enough to me that I sat down and actually thought about how I wanted you to feel when I handed over this gift to you so I spent some time making it look amazing.’

These are the presents that really say ‘I love you and you’re important to me’, even if they have something which might be slightly off the mark inside (secret – nobody really ever actually gets exactly what they want at Christmas and we bet you probably don’t even know what you want yourself because you’re feeling ‘Christmas Overwhelm’!).

It shows that you have not only put your money into a present, you’ve put your heart into it and that really is what gift giving and Christmas is all about.  It’s the icing on the cake really (or the calendar…) and who doesn’t like something that looks a bit special with tassels, bows and jingle bells (or brown kraft paper with parcel string for your less blingy friends).

Golden tip, the wrapping is all about them (i.e. your gift recipient), not the opportunity for you to show the world that you are in fact the most perfect and accomplished human being to walk the earth with your scissors, sellotape dispenser and spectrum of ribbon rolls, worn around each arm like bracelets.  Leave that to the people (i.e. the ones trying to be better than anyone else could possibly even hope to be in their wildest dreams) who judge their own worth on that basis!

It’s something for you to enjoy doing; taking a bit of time out, away from Christmas mania, sticking on your favourite Christmas tunes and having some wrapping fun.  We promise you that your inner child will come alive and we bet you a 2018 calendar that the people who are receiving your thoughtfully wrapped parcels this Christmas will feel even more treasured.

We’re taking our inspiration this year from UK gift wrapping expert and ribbon designer Jane Means, the ‘gift wrap guru’ as she’s known, so here are our glittery, sparkling Top 10 Christmas Wrapping nuggets, courtesy of Jane.

1.  Great ribbon decorating ideas for Christmas

2.  Gift wrapping a luxurious Christmas hamper basket (you might want to pop a few of these Caorunn treats in too!)

3.  Wrapping with raffia

4.  How to stack presents

5.  How to wrap a beauty bottle

6.  How to wrap flowers

7.  How to wrap a child’s gift

8.  How to wrap a biscuit tin (tip – you can use the same principle to wrap these gorgeous Caorunn Heather scented candles!)

9.  How to tie the perfect bow

10.  Gift wrapping techniques – gathering, pleat and pillow (tip – you will need the pleating technique for your Caorunn bottle – super easy to do!)

And, as a litttle extra for the tree or as the icing on the cake on top of the stack of presents or if you’re looking for something to pop at the adults’ place settings, the Caorunn Christmas Cracker is a festive showstopper!

It’s what’s inside (and outside) that counts!

Happy wrapping!

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