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That ‘Back to school’ vibe is most certainly in the air at the moment.  A mixture of apprehension at what lies ahead - new starts, new season, the feeling of saying goodbye to long sunny days and balmy evenings, but, as you sit back and slowly sip your gin and tonic we’re sure you’ll agree it’s almost a relief that order will be resumed and life will regain a steadier normality.

It feels almost quite new year-ish in many ways.  It’s a new academic year for the kids and it’s almost impossible to avoid getting caught up in that feeling of ‘ok – let’s sharpen our pencils, finally write up that ‘do-do’ list, get a better routine going, get that diet back on track, and just quite simply complete these outstanding tasks that have been hanging over our heads for the last four months.’

It’s not unusual for many people to admit that actually, ‘Back to school’ is their favourite time of year and here at Caorunn we’re no exception, and here’s why…

Better weather

When it comes to our home here in Scotland it’s most certianly a myth that summer has the best weather (how many times have we used your umbrella recently? – too many!).  This time of year has a way of gently easing us from these long summer days into the colder days of Autumn evenings with golden gorgeous days where it still feels warm, even if you can still feel a little bit of change in the air as the leaves start to rustle beneath your feet.  September is the last hurrah before hygge!

A fresh start

What do you want to achieve before the year ends?  At times the dawn of another new year can feel overwhelming and daunting – the pressure to set resolutions that you absolutely must stick to or you’ll have to wear a t-shirt with #epicfail on the front.  Planning your 12 months of virtuousness is enough to send even the best behaved angel a little mad, whereas September until the end of December seems much more doable.  It’s only four months.  16 weeks. 

A much more palatable chunk of time for planning and setting your personal and professional goals.  In fact we rather think that September is the new January!

The Autumn Clean

So much clutter accumulates in every nook and cranny of the house over the summer months and things tend to just get stashed away in a selection of random places, such is our keenness to spend less time inside and more time with our faces in the sun (or searching for sun…) and less time trying to find the right home for the pool inflatables from the holiday. 

September and ‘Back to school’ is the best time to potter about, window open, birds singing, air still warm, radio on and gently de-clutter and reorganize your living environment in preparation for ‘The Big Cosy’ that is Autumn.

The weekend rewards

As we get back into our routines and the world returns from its summer holiday, the pace picks up a notch or two. 

Somehow we find ourselves getting carried along with it, buzzing with renewed productivity after these months of endless ‘Out of Office’ email replies when the working world slows down and the tasks take longer to tick off the list. 

Every day feels like a ‘winning day’ in September with the new routine, the clear head free of summer haze and that renewed discipline and determination to get things done, make these ticks and end the week with that lovely feeling of accomplishment.  Which is why the weekends are so important for reward and relaxation, spending time doing fun things with friends and family, cooking, pottering, sweating it out at the gym, flopping in front of the box (tv really does get better at this time of year wouldn’t you agree?) and getting outdoors to enjoy these golden days before the winter freeze kicks in.

Friday Caorunn O’ Clock

There is always a place for a mid-week treat – one of our favourites is the perfectly fruity Caorunn Foxy Lady but there is absolutely no better feeling in the world of happily mooching about the kitchen as you prepare your Friday C & T – one of life’s simple pleasures and a reward enjoyed by so many when the clock hits 6pm on a Friday – gin o’ clock. 

You might be more of a cocktail-minded creature (check out our cocktail recipes here) or you might be like us, Friday traditionalists – ice, Caorunn, tonic and relax, as you sit back, reflecting on your highs and lows of the week and ‘Thank Caorunn It’s Friday’!

Have an amazing September and enjoy every day (and these Friday C & T evenings).

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