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Infused with Coul Blush Apple and served with chilled tonic and crisp red apple slices Caorunn has a lot to thank the humble British apple for, so it may come as no surprise that this year we’re joining bars and restaurants across the country to raise toast to National Apple Day.

Started in 1990 by Common Ground in Covent Garden National Apple Day will be celebrated this year on Wednesday 21st October 2015 and marks a day to recognise the wealth and variety of apples available in the United Kingdom. And what better way to celebrate than with one of six delicious apple cocktails…

Apple Winter Toddy (The Finnieston, Glasgow)

A simple winter warmer that is easy to create at home over the stove.

• 45ml Caorunn Gin
• 125ml cloudy apple juice
• dash of port
• 20ml lemon juice
• 2 tea spoons of caster sugar
• 2 dashes Angostura Bitters

Method: Pour the individual ingredients into a pot and heat until boiling then remove and pour into the toddy glass before adding the garnish.
Garnish: orange studded orange, grated nutmeg.
Glass: Toddy glass.

Caorunn Apple Martini (56 North, Edinburgh)

A refreshing classic that’s always in fashion.

• 50 ml Caorunn Gin
• 10 ml Vermouth
Method: Add ingredients to glass and stir over ice.
Garnish: Caramelised Apple Slice.
Glass: Coupe/Martini.

Blush Apple Martini

An interesting take with a fruity twist on a classic cocktail.

• 50ml Caorunn Gin
• 40ml Pressed Apple juice
• 20ml Lemon juice
• 10ml Gomme syrup
• 3 raspberries
Method: Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker; shake and serve in a 5 1/2 oz coupette.
Garnish: 3 Raspberries on a skewer.
Glass: Coupe/Martini.

Caorunn Apple Three Ways (Ryan Chetiyawardana)

An innovative cocktail that engages the apple lover in all of us.

• 50ml Caorunn Gin
• 10ml Bitter cider reduction
• 4pcs Red apple peeled
Glass: Martini glass.
Garnish: Red apple peel.
Method: For the bitter cider reduce 500ml cider with 5ml Angostura and 10ml Peychaud’s Bitters on a medium hob for 5 minutes, take off heat, add skin of 3 red apples, cool and strain. Stir Caorunn Gin and the bitter cider reduction over ice.

Caorunn Apple Twist

A sweet and fizzy cocktail perfect for entertaining friends

• 75ml Caorunn Gin
• 100ml Pressed apple juice
• 200ml tonic water
Method: Add cubed ice to glass, add gin, freshly pressed apple juice then tonic. Stir after adding thinly sliced apples and lemon wheels until evenly spread throughout.
Garnish: Red apple slices and lemon wheels.
Glass: 500ml highball.

Caorunn Apple Smash

A big hitting blast of apple flavours

• 75ml Caorunn Gin
• 200ml Fever Tree Tonic Water
• ¼ red apple
• ¼ green apple
• 2 cloves
Method: Muddle the quartered apples into the gin in a cocktail shaker. Add the cloves and shake hard until cold. Double strain over cubed ice and top up with Fever Tree tonic water.
Garnish: Sliced red and green apples.
Glass: 500ml highball.

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