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Setting up a bar at home is great fun and can be as serious or relaxed as you like.

Whether your a seasoned pro or new to bartending here are a few basic pieces of equipment that we think will come in handy as you mix, muddle and stir a collection of drinks for your guests.

Jiggers: Cocktails are broken down into component parts and to get the best from your drinks measuring the ingredients is the best way to get a perfectly balanced cocktail. Some countries prefer millilitres, whereas some favour ounces with the difference being around 3ml. As long as you stick to one method of measurement your drinks will stay balanced. Buying marked jiggers is the best way to achieve this, if you don’t have one however you can improvise with an egg cup or a shot glass.

Spoons: Bar spoons are great if you're going to be making a lot of stirred drinks, if you don't have a bar spoon, a long latte spoon or even a chopstick can be used to stir a drink.

Speed pourers: A good way to be able to quickly and accurately pour your liquids is with a pour spout. 

A bartender's knife: Can be used for opening wine and beer bottles and always handy to have.

Knives: A good knife is integral to make garnishing as simple as possible, for citrus fruit a serrated blade is the easiest and quickest way to avoid cutting yourself.

Muddler: Used for mashing ingredients in the bottom of a shaker to release the flavours and oils to make sure you get the best from your ingredients for example fruit, spices and sometimes herbs. If you don't have one you can use a rolling pin in its place.

Now you've got the kit all that remains is to mix, muddle and shake-up a suite of Caorunn cocktails.  Visit our virtual bar for a suite of cocktial recipes now.

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