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What nicer way to finish a meal than a refreshing apple sorbet? A special grown-up sorbet with a hint of Caorunn Gin, of course.  This blog and recipe is courtesy of fan and friend Louis (author of Scottish foodie blog

It’s the simplest thing to make, and can be made a day or two in advance. In fact, it could probably be made a week or two in advance if you trusted yourself not to eat it all before you needed it!

All you need is a saucepan, a plastic tub and a wee bit of patience. OK, you need some ingredients too (but only 4) and a fork. And a freezer. No ice-cream making machine is required - in fact when I was developing this recipe I made the first lot with an ice cream maker and I didn’t like it as much.


  • 400ml apple juice (the nice cloudy stuff works best)
  • 1 TBsp honey
  • A few slices of fresh ginger (if you don’t like ginger, omit this altogether)
  • 4 TBsp Caorunn gin


  1. Put the apple juice, honey and ginger with 2TBsp Caorunn gin into a saucepan and bring to the boil.
  2. Keep boiling for 15 - 20 minutes or so. You want the liquid to reduce down by about 20% - to around 375ml in total. 
  3. If you have digital weighing scales, weigh your empty pan in grammes before you start. Add 375g to that figure and then pop the pan on the scales again after you’ve boiled the apple juice mixture to see when you’re at around the right figure. You do NOT need to be exact.
  4. Leave the mixture on the side to cool while you get on with doing something else, like pouring yourself a refreshing gin and tonic. You deserve it, you’ve been slaving over a hot stove for at least 5 minutes!
  5. When it is cool, remove the ginger slices, and stir in another 2TBsp Caorunn gin.
  6. Pop it in a suitable plastic tub, and put it in the freezer.
  7. Now, the next bit will depend on how freezy-cold your freezer is.
  8. Check the tub of appley goodness after about an hour. If it is just beginning to solidify at the edges then take it out of the freezer for a minute. Take a fork and scrape the slightly solidifying edges into the middle of the tub.
  9. Pop it back in the freezer.
  10. After another hour or two, check it again. And do the same again. If you’ve caught it at the right stage, you’ll have lovely apple-y crystals forming a wee mountain in your tub.
  11. Serve, in a pretty glass. If you are garnishing with a slice or two of pink apple, slice and add that right at the end, or it will go brown and yucky. Of course. 

Gin And Apple Sorbet

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