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It’s what’s outside that counts!

15th June 2021

One thing we’ve all missed (sooo much!) is sitting at our favourite bar or restaurant, lost in chat and as if by magic, our drink of choice arrives in the perfect glass, served at the ideal temperature with the most flavour enhancing selection of garnishes. 

The absolute delight of being presented with something which has been made with a bit of love and care (by someone else!), no chopping, no shaking the half-finished bottle of tonic to see if it still fizzes, no clearing up – it all seems like a bit of a distant dream.

The great news is that those days are all coming back to us (they might have for you already depending on where you’re reading this, so, cheers to you!) but the reality of life in the aftermath of the last 12 months is that no matter how great it is to go out, we’re always going to want some pretty remarkable treats at home (we think we deserve it for a very long time!). 

Home is still going to mean a lot to us; it’s a place of sanctuary we’ve built over the last four seasons so making the effort to continue to create and enhance our surroundings and make our treats as special and enjoyable as they can be is still going to be a really big thing.  Newsflash - the world is not going to change overnight (again…we hope…).

So, it being Spring and the season of change, renewal and throwing out all the things that no longer serve us or really just exist on a shelf because we haven’t opened a bin and dropped it into it yet; we’re going to rethink our glassware cupboard in anticipation of putting our cocktail making skills to work and knowing that the long awaited Friday 5pm G & T will be a perfect serve, whether we decide to go out or stay in!

There are very good reasons why your drink loses its fizz too quickly, or feels warm when it should be icy cold – a glass can make, break or completely take the life and pleasure out of a drink. 

Glassware matters.  A lot.  It’s not just an aesthetic thing; we’d go as far as to say there’s actual science involved.  There are very good reasons why your drink loses its fizz too quickly or feels warm when it should be icy cold – a glass can make, break or completely take the life and pleasure out of a drink.  You know what we mean – when you’re drinking something that should really have a home in another type of glass – it just doesn’t feel or taste good so here’s our guide for getting your glassware right and having the optimum enjoyment as you clink those glasses whether it’s inside in your own kitchen disco our out with friends!

1.  The Copa de Balon

The copa de balon

Or ‘balloon glass’!  We’re not going to turn away a Caorunn & Tonic in a highball glass by any means but our No 1 choice is the large balloon shaped glass known as a Copa de Balon, designed to trap the aromas of the gin and produce a better taste; the large bowl also allows not only plenty of ice but plenty of ice not melting which means you get to enjoy perfect temperature, fizziness and taste.  The curved lip of the glass means that whatever little accoutrements you’ve chosen as your garnishes will stay in the glass and you won’t be wearing a slice of apple on your nose.

Our cocktail hour choice for…

2. The Highball


The tall glass tumbler that most tall cocktails on the rocks are served in – the perfect choice for a refreshing cocktail that contains more of the non-alcoholic mixer than the spirit.  The glass shape keeps the drink cold and preserves carbonation – perfect for those hot sunny days and dreamy BBQs that lie ahead! 

Our cocktail hour choice for…

3. Martini Glass


We can’t not say it…’Shaken, not stirred…’; it’s absolutely the first thing we think of when we imagine a martini.  The half triangle shape of the glass is such that it removes the likelihood of any contact with the glass, other than the stem, which in turn preserves the temperature of the drink and the wider mouth opens up the spirit to develop the full aroma.  We thought it was just an elegant choice for a sophisticated drink; not so – see?  Science!

Our cocktail hour choice for…

4. The Rocks Glass

Rocks glass

A tumbler that’s best for stronger, short drinks or ingredients that can be ‘muddled’ ie stirred around in the glass rather than shaken.  The wide mouth and thick base make room for plenty of ice to keep your drink of choice cool and keep the ice colder for longer.

Our cocktail hour choice for…

5.     The Coupe Glass

The coupe glass

A classic champagne saucer used for strained cocktails.  Similar in design to the Martini glass, it allows the cocktail to stay at the right temperature and it’s perfect for making a bit of a showstopper if you’re feeling creative!

Our cocktail hour choice for….

We hope your next few weeks are filled with sunshine, blue sky days, the sound of glasses clinking in the air and some cocktails to remember (in the right glasses of course!).

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