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Homemade cards with tissue paper love hearts, painted clay pots and pipe cleaner flowers… Remember making those types of Mother’s Day gifts?  Maybe you still get them, and we love that because there is nothing better than a meaningful gift made by little hands.

Or is there..?

Make no mistake, we absolutely love everything about a gift made by a child, in fact, we have drawers full of them – they are symbolic of so much and we will keep them forever, but, how about this for an idea…

Self gifting.

There, we said it.  Buying your own Mother’s Day gift!

Does that sound outrageous?  We don’t think so, and here’s why.

We think that it is absolutely lovely (and important) that those around us acknowledge our hard work, and sacrifice on Mother’s Day but we are also of the view that we should take the opportunity to reward ourselves.

Being a parent is hard, hard work.  The organisation, the schedules, the school-work, the worry, the tears and trantrums, the cooking, cleaning and the curveballs. And the rest!

This is one day in the year when you get to feel amazing about all the effort that you pour into the other 364 days (because you should absolutely be taking this day off…) and either buy or plan something special for yourself that makes you feel rewarded in a way that you need and would like.

Sometimes we just need to stop and remember that while yes, we are mums and we most likely have busy jobs and juggle many balls in the air, we are also ‘a person’ with our own needs, wants and desires.

It’s not always going to be the case that everybody around us meets these needs, wants and desires so for Mother’s Day 2020, we’re saying ‘Celebrate YOU – gift yourself!’.

We’ve put a Top 10 list together of some of the things you might want to add to your ‘Treat Yoself’ list, something for all budgets and remember, sometimes you really don’t have to spend a thing.  Sometimes, even just a little bit of time out on your own is enough (it’s the simple things…)

  •  Caorunn – obviously we think that that a perfect serve C & T is one of the ultimate simple pleasures in life but there’s nothing like a cocktail now and again, and it is Mother’s Day…  Try the Wee Pink Rose – cheers and settle down with your favourite movie, book or tunes!
  • Perfume – no matter how the day starts or whatever the day throws at you in the rollercoaster world of parenting, we think that a spritz of a your favourite scent is all you need to remind you of your ‘you-ness’ and transport you for even just a minute to feeling glammed up in a fabulous bar with a Caorunn cocktail in your hand.
  • Giant bubble bath – there are bubbles for every budget of course but taking an hour out, facemask on, heavenly bubbles and pressing the play button on your chilled out playlist is the ultimate ‘time out treat’.
  • A house clean – how about a weekend when you don’t have to use half of it (or more…) to clean, wash and iron?  Give yourself the gift of a complete day off and book a cleaner to come and do it all for you. The benefits of that will last the entire week and every day will feel simply cruisey!
  • Spa – so you might want to spend actual Mother’s day with the family, but how about booking yourself in for a Saturday afternoon of tranquility before it so that you wake up feeling completely chilled, evened out and ready for your day of treats (or cooking your own Mother’s Day Sunday lunch…).
  • Silk pyjamas – we know, it is an absolutely indulgence but mums need sleep to sail through every day of challenges with a smile on your face so we think it’s hugely important to get a good night’s rest.  And we love life’s little luxuries as well as our simple pleasures.  Silk helps to regulate the body’s temperature – keeping you cool in the heat and warm in the winter and if you’re at the hot flashes stage of life, they can help to turn down the heat.  Yes – we will find every justification possible for buying one of life’s more luxurious treats!
  • A cake bake – if baking brings you out in a sweat (go buy the silk pyjamas above…) then this one isn’t for you, but baking is a form of mindfulness and is an ideal (and quite delicious) escape.  The measuring of ingredients, rolling of the dough, mixing, spooning, smelling, tasting – it’s all ‘in the moment stuff’ that will focus your mind entirely on what you’re doing and not on any thoughts that might be of the niggly kind. 
  • Balloon glass for one – isn’t it the case that we kind of make do with what we have and never think twice about the day to day stuff we use – cups, glasses, crockery; it all just seems so functional!  When it comes to a Caorunn & Tonic, the glass is everything…  Let us share our appreciation for the Copa de Balon.  This large balloon shaped number is designed to trap the aromas of the gin and produce a better taste and the large bowl also allows not only plenty of ice, but plenty of ice not melting which means you get to enjoy a beautiful undiluted C & T or C & something else.  We’re of the mindset if you’re going to do something, do it right!
  • One item online splurge – your Mother’s Day may be full of family fun, or you might feel like it’s a day like any other but one thing you could do to remind you of how special you are throughout the year is to buy one item of clothing that you really, really love.  Something special.  A beautiful dress, a cashmere scarf, a pair of shoes that might live mostly in a box because they are ‘so good’, a bag you’ve had your eye on – something that will remind you every time you wear it/use it that you absolutely deserved it.  Your ultimate treat to yourself.
  •  Your new hobby… If only it was that easy, we know – time for a hobby.  The demands of modern life stretch you in every direction like a small rubber person and taking time out is so hard.  But what if you could find a way to get an hour or two to do something you love, entirely for you that gives you a sense of self, a break from routine, chores and day to day life, something that stimulates you, something you’ve always wanted to do!  It could be an art class, flower arranging, hill walking, joining a running club, a writing class, learning how to bake if you weren’t so keen on our baking suggestion.  Whatever makes you happy.  Use your Mother’s Day as an opportunity to do some research into finding a new thing, just for you.

 We hope our list has given you some ideas for giving yourself a bit of hug and pat on the back – we absolutely think you deserve it.

Wishing you a very happy Mother’s Day 2020 and hope that however you spend it (baking a cake in silk pyjamas with a Caorunn & Tonic maybe?  Sounds fabulous!) you have a wonderful time.

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