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We don’t do things like other gin makers, Caorunn Cask Aged proves just that.

How do you make a gin this exquisite?*

*Give it time

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Rested in hand-selected Spanish oak casks, Cask Aged is a tribute to the whisky heritage of our home at Balmenach Distillery in the Scottish Highlands. It inspires aromatic notes of fresh citrus and enticing vanilla with a unique spiced toffee finish.

With an ABV of 56%, our latest limited release offers delightful flavours of delicate oak, sweet spices and candied citrus peel which perfectly complement Caorunn’s fragrant botanicals.

It’s smooth enough to be sipped neat yet bursting with flavour for your classic cocktail.

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Caorunn Cask Aged Cocktails

As the only gin maker to couple a Copper Berry Chamber with handpicked botanicals, we know a thing or two about what goes well together.

The bold flavours of Caorunn Cask Aged Gin make it the perfect base for a range of delicious cocktails. Don’t just take our word for it though, recreate some of our Gin Genius cocktails to see for yourself…

Mature Gin Cocktail

This cocktail is a take on the classic Manhattan, a classic for a reason and with Cask Aged Caorunn offering a brighter, cleaner and yet familiar profile to this elegant cocktail.


  • 30ml Caorunn Cask Aged
  • 30ml Sweet Vermouth
  • 3 Dashes of Angostura Bitters
  • Orange peel

Glass:  Stemmed or Rocks Glass

Ice: unless you would prefer further dilution, no.


Add all ingredients into a mixing glass and top with ice. Stir until desired dilution is met and strain into a chilled glass. Spritz orange oils onto the drink and drop peel in the drink.

Genius Tip - Always cut off the white pith from the Orange’s skin before spritzing the oils. Is there an easy way to explain how you spritz the oils?

Island Casks Cocktail

Just a little bit of tropical influence, The Spanish Oak casks provide unique flavours to an already botanical rich flavour. Lengthening this with Pineapple juice, citrus and some Soda creates a burst of taste.


  • 35ml Caorunn Cask Aged
  • 75ml Pineapple Juice
  • 20ml Yuzu Juice (Lime Juice would be a good sub)
  • 10ml Sugar Syrup
  • Soda

Glass: High Ball

Ice: All the way to the top


Add all ingredients (except soda) into a high ball glass and top with ice. Add soda and pull through with a bar spoon.

Genius Tip Sugar Syrup - Combine 2 parts of sugar to 1 part sugar on a low heat to dissolve. Leave to cool and bottle. This genius ingredient will keep for 1 week in the fridge.

Sipping Gin

Going against the grain, not everyone’s first thought is to sip gin, but ignore the instinct and embrace what is a rounded and delicious liquid when served over ice.


  • Desired Measure of Caorunn Cask Aged

Glass: Choose your favourite


Fill your glass with ice or don’t. Add water or don’t. Sip away at an incredibly enjoyable sipping Gin.

Genuis Tip - Recommended to be accompanied by a mix of raisins and nuts.

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