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When was the last time you tried something…a little bit different?

You might have heard that last month we decided to shake things up and launch Caorunn Blood Orange which has gone down a storm, but of all the months of the year to make changes and do things differently, May really does seem like one of them. You just feel it in the air at this time of year, post-Easter and pre-run up to end-of-term, we’re all getting ready for the warmer days of summer.

We love any excuse for a celebration, especially World Gin Day (naturally). With two big National Days in the food and drink calendar in the coming weeks, we’re tilting our heads towards World Whisky Day and National Vegetarian Week from 16th – 22nd May, and we have some thoughts on both…

World Whisky Day (21 May)

If whisky’s not your thing and gin is, let’s just make World Whisky Day your day.
After all, Caorunn was the first gin to be handcrafted in a working Scottish Malt Whisky Distillery - so there’s your excuse (if you really needed one).
Maybe you’ll be celebrating World Whisky Day with some friends who are partial to a dram; but you would rather take part in the cheersing and toasting with a nice G&T in hand.

We are your people.  We saw this coming, and we’ve prepared.  Just for you.

Your World Whisky Day Caorunn cocktail list is here:

Orange Lady With Bottle

Orange Lady (A beautiful summer glow)

Bee’s Business (you so are…)

Caorunn White Negroni (quite frankly, the stuff Saturday nights are made of)

Highland Herbal Highball (Try. Saying. That. Really fast.)


National Vegetarian Week (16 – 22 May)

We’re not going to tell you how or what to eat, but we’re keen to share our musings on what’s happening in our world every month and we obviously very much like to focus on all thing’s food and drink.

National Vegetarian Week is the perfect time to try something new if you fancy shaking up your diet. Caorunn is actually vegan-friendly, don’t you know, so all we have to worry about is the veggie meal planning, shopping, cooking, eating and non-bacon rolling on a Saturday morning. Interesting though as gin is a bit of a minefield when it comes to ingredients so we’re rather proud that Caorunn is the perfect complement to any veggie/vegan dinner!

Life is to be enjoyed – whether you’re already a quinoa queen or just in the mood for trying something new.

Here’s to the month ahead, giving new things a whirl and raising a crisp, clear and completely refreshing Caorunn & Tonic to you.

The Caorunn Team

P.S.  It actually is World Gin Day next month (11th – one for your diary.) Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until January for the Festival of Sleep Day but we’ll make sure to remind you.

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