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Spring has finally sprung, and vibrant transformation is all around. This is a time of change new beginnings and embracing the notion that anything is possible.

With the longer days, bluer skies, and the occasional ray of sunshine, it feels like life has come back to us and it is positively wonderful. 

When is a better time to try something new?

Spring is a time to challenge yourself, and we’re not suggesting a gym membership or that you sign up for a tough physical event which involves mud and cheering (but please be our guest if you’re that way inclined…)

We mean, have a think about the ‘who you are and what you’re going to be’ at a time when change is buzzing in the air – capture that moment, ride the zeitgeist.

Or, if you’re feeling a little less evangelical about the changing of the season and abundance of nature’s glory, grab yourself a glass, sidle up close and let us share a juicy little nugget of news.

We’ve done what we’ve always done; because in our view and hopefully yours, we do it right. We make exceptionally good gin that stands out by a mile. It is uniquely Caorunn, and our careful, handcrafted production process has allowed us to be at the pinnacle of the premium gin market for over a decade.

Here’s the twist…

We have a new addition.

May we introduce you to our new, delicious, delicately flavoured Caorunn Blood Orange!

Caorunn Blood Orange Bottle without tag

Now, you know we’re not ones for gimmicks – it’s not our cup of tea and we know it’s not yours. 

After consumer research on no less than 12 flavours, 74% of people like you said that they were zesty orange gin minded.

What does it taste like (other than the obvious)?  Well, it sets itself apart from other flavoured gins through its high-quality clear liquid; we don’t use any artificial flavours or colourings and added sugar is a no no.  Caorunn’s unique Celtic botanicals perfectly complement the natural flavour of Blood Orange, and we’ve added a hint of chilli essence to bring another level of vibrancy to this invitingly refreshing, fruity gin. It’s simply pure Blood Orangey brilliant!

Pair with a premium Indian tonic water, serve over ice and for once you’re going to hear us ask you to reach for the orange slices instead of apple to garnish.

The Perfect Serve. *
*Any way you slice it.

Available to buy now in selected Sainsbury's stores across Scotland and coming soon to our online shop

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