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Let the Sparkle Season Be-Gin!

19th November 2020

We feel November gets a bit of a hard rap…  It’s a little too early to be fully embracing the Christmas vibe and with Bonfire Night here and gone in a flash, leaving a cloud of firework smoke in the air, it can feel like there’s not that much to get excited about for the next few weeks. 

We say there is.   

This year, more than ever, we are all needing some extra warmth, glow and comfort in our lives so we’ve had a virtual pow wow and chatted about some of the things that we all like to do to bring a bit of a comforting glow, low key sparkle (and some of the best gin cocktails) into our lives at this time of the year before we go full on tinsel. 

Bring the outdoors in 

November really does feel like such a nesting month and opportunity to embrace all things nature followed by all things cosy.  It’s also the last month you’ll be able to enjoy the golden glow of nature before the days get clear, crisp, frosty and white. So, think about bringing a bit of the outdoors in on your next Autumn walk and get crafty and creative with your collection of leaves, twigs and berries with table decorations or you could make one of our favourite Autumn crafts, an Autumn leaf Mason jar. 

Equipment needed: a Mason jar, PVC glue, leaves, raffia and battery tea lights or battery powered fairy lights. 


  1. Leave your leaves to dry out in a warm, dry place on a magazine or newspaper
  2. Once dry, paste them around the sides of the mason jar with glue.
  3. Leave to dry, then add another coat.
  4. When fully dried, tie a little bit of raffia around the top of the jar.
  5. Pop your choice of light inside and enjoy the inner and outer glow of your crafty creation 

Slow Sundays 

Never have we needed our weekends more than we do right now so we are all for making our ‘to do’ lists on a Friday afternoon for the week ahead and squeezing every single bit of fun, relaxation, cosiness and chill out of the weekends.  

Yes we spend a portion of our weekends organising domestically for the week ahead but we do it now on Saturdays because in our minds, there is nothing better than waking up on a Sunday knowing that everything is pretty much in order and we can look forward to a long, free day and getting ourselves exactly where we need to be in order to go into the week ahead feeling good.   

November is the perfect month for enjoying a slow Sunday, crisp fresh air, a refreshing  apple and tonic as you cook a leisurely Sunday roast with zero worries about the week ahead because there is absolutely no point in stressing about things that you will deal with in your stride when they happen.  Enjoy these Sunday’s guilt free we all need them right now! 

The nice list 

We don’t have naughty lists at Christmas…  Pour yourself a classic Caorunn and tonic and settle down with your pen and paper (or Excel spreadsheet if that’s more your thing) and build a list of absolutely everybody who is important in your life; friends and family, colleagues; people who have made a difference and been kind to you in different ways, kept you going on the down days and had great fun and laughter with you on the up days, been there for you when you needed it and a bit of a shining light in a pretty tough year.   

We don’t suggest you buy every single person a gift of fabulousness – we are all for keeping things simple as you know but it might be a nice idea to plan to send a little something for Christmas, whether it’s a nice bubble bath, a small candle, or even just a handwritten note in a special Christmas card (that doesn’t come in a box of 20!) to let them know how much you appreciate them.   

A perfect Sunday afternoon task for your November that will get you a step ahead for Christmas and give you a bit of an inner glow.

 Planning your future sparkle 

One of life’s greatest pleasures is planning – whether it’s a celebration or occasion, a holiday, a trip, a project and one of the most difficult aspects of 2020 has been that our ability to plan isn’t what it used to be.  There is huge joy in planning; knowing that you’re putting the building blocks in place to create something wonderful that you can pour all of your heart and soul into.  It’s very much what goes into the Caorunn philosophy to craft and create a unique Scottish gin, taking all the simple gifts that grow around us and distilling them into what is acknowledged as one of the best gins today. 

The fact that we can’t plan as much has left us feeling a little bit in limbo but we say that shouldn’t be so.  When one year draws to an end, it’s a time to reflect and pause to think about the things we’re grateful for, aspects of our life that we might change and improve, goals that we’ve yet to work towards, ambitions that we’ve still to realise.   

There is so much we can’t control at the moment but there’s a lot that we are able to influence and make happen.  November might be your best opportunity to start thinking about how you want your 2021 to look.   

With the huge growth in the availability of online classes in pretty much anything, you might want to make a list of some new things you’d like to learn in 2021.  We might not be going too far away from home but we can still broaden our horizons in a few different ways. 

 Simple appreciation 

Thanksgiving is of course celebrated the world over this month, and we are all for embracing the opportunity to show and share gratitude for the simple things We can’t squeeze as many people round the dinner table at the moment for dinners, suppers, celebrations or parties but we can work with what we’ve got and take some time this month to reflect on all the things we are grateful for.  We love the idea of everybody round the table writing a few little notes on what they are thankful for, popping them in a jar and the messages being read out over dinner.   

You could be a family of five or two; you could be on your own – it works in a different way but it still works, the objective being that you took time out to remind yourself (and the people you love if they’re around you) of the wonderful things you have in your life that are a mix of the norm we often take for granted and the things that are uniquely yours And yes, we are absolutely going to take that idea on to Zoom too this month and get that appreciation going on screen. 

We know November can be tough on a cold, wet, dark day but we like to think the cold, blue sky, sunshine days far outweigh the dull ones and remember, if they feel a bit grey, just channel your inner glow doing some of the above and look for that gentle sparkle – we promise it’s still there. 

We look forward to throwing some bright lights and tinsel your way very soon – Caorunn Christmas is just around the corner!

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