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Christmas Countdown Caorunn Style

1st December 2020

The last few weeks of 2020 are finally upon us and it couldn’t feel like a more appropriate time to pause, reflect and plan how we’re going to absolutely make the most of what the year has left.

It’s not going to be a Christmas that any of us have experienced before but there are so many things we can do to make it memorable (in a good way!), spread cheer and joy and lift the spirits of those around us both in real life and in the virtual worlds we’ve now become so familiar with.

There’s a strong vibe of ‘let’s go early this year’ in terms of getting that Christmas tree up, home decorated and extending the festive season for as long as we possibly can – boy do we need it! 

It feels very much like a good time to focus on creating a delightful, glowy, grotto like environment in our homes and take the opportunity to slow down, ease ourselves out of what has been quite a year and into a new year which looks to be filled with hope, optimism and brighter days than the ones we’ve been used to.

We’d like to think the most difficult days are behind us so we’re going to put our hearts, souls and a generous sprinkling of merriment into making Christmas 2020 as wonderful as we possibly can, starting with our advent count down of the little festive focused things to keep us going, feeling happy and chilled.

We’re counting every day and making every day count.

1st – the Christmas shopping lists! 

Start your Christmas gifting lists and also for food, decorations – all the things that you think you’ll need to make December sparkle, keeping a budget in mind to keep financial stress levels down.

2nd – plan what your Christmas Day is going to be like. 

This is an opportunity to do things a bit differently and create some new traditions – are you going full Christmas dinner or doing something a bit more casual with party food spread throughout the day and night (it’s a ‘yes’ from us on all day party food…)

3rd – Christmas jammies shopping.

Stuck for Christmas gift ideas? One of our team has this wonderful thing she does every single year that we thought we’d pinch and share.  To remove the whole ‘what should I get so-and so..?’ Christmas gifting conundrum, everybody on this person’s list receives the same thing – pyjamas and a book.  We love the simplicity, cosiness and thoughtfulness of this idea and quite honestly, we couldn’t think of a lovelier thing to receive.

4th – Shaking up the cocktail list. 

If you tend to go for the same Christmas classics every year, why not have a browse through our cocktail ideas here, practice a few different ones in the run up to Christmas and choose your Christmas 2020 signature cocktail (we’re very much hoping it won’t be a ‘quarantini’!).

5th – Plan moments of calm.

You might not be having the same level of racing around trying to get everything bought, wrapped, tidied, finished and done before Christmas Day but it can still be a stressful time so plan plenty of ‘me time’ – get outdoors, have a long pampering session in the bath, read a book, do an online yoga session or zone out with some quiet meditation.

6th – Christmas filmfest!

We’re itching to get cosied up all kind of Christmas schmaltz, comedies and these childhood classics that only come round once a year – build your list of festive flicks with the family.

7th – Exercise. 

The ultimate stressbeater and is there a better feeling of coming back indoors after a chilly run or walk.  Fresh air and complete nourishment for the soul.

8th – Your Christmas soundtrack.

Build a few different playlists that will take you through the festive season, from the slow Christmas classics of a bygone era that add a bit of magic to a cosy afternoon indoors to some kitchen disco beats to bring a bit of sparkle to your Christmas cooking prep!

9th – Gingerbread. 

Yes, go full on and bake and build a house or just whip up a simple gingerbread loaf to add a bit of sugar and spice to your afternoon cuppa.  Your house will smell just like Christmas.

10th – Check in with your nearest and dearest. 

Christmas can be a difficult time for many people for all sorts of reasons.  Take the opportunity to get in touch with all of the people you care about, just to check that all is well.  It will be appreciated more than you know.

11th – Christmas catch up and cocktails. 

It’s Friday so why not get a few Zooms lined up with some Christmassy cocktails, friends and family – a 2020 ‘twist’ on these Christmas nights out (remember them?)

12th – Holiday activities. 

With it looking like a lot of time over the festive period will be spent with our immediate nearest and dearest, mostly indoors, take some time to plan things you can do indoors and out to avoid that strange ‘Crimbo Limbo’ feeling we all get between Christmas and New Year when there’s a bit of an odd lull and the days feel short and dark.

13th – Tradition. 

We’re moving between two worlds – ‘pre-2020’ and ‘post-2020’ so maybe this feels like a good opportunity to think about new traditions you’d like to introduce for the festive season each year.  It’s strangely liberating to think ‘Actually, we can do things a bit differently.’ Just because we’ve always done something a certain way doesn’t mean that we have to continue doing it.

14th – Keep it simple.

Christmas can be utterly overwhelming so take a few moments to remind yourself of what’s important at this time of year and try to avoid overcomplicating things.  Simple things done really well mean so much more than fancy fripperies and fuss.  Think cheerful chillout rather than tinsel and tears.  Nothing needs to be perfect.

15th – Beyond Christmas.

  As we know, Christmas is here and gone in a flash and before we know it we’re taking down our decorations and feeling a bit ‘what next?’.  This is an ideal time to start thinking about your goals for 2021 and finding out more about new hobbies that might take your fancy such as learning a new language or skill or finding a way to channel your creativity.

16th – Christmas Eve. 

We know, we’re not quite there yet but it’s worth taking a moment or two to think about what you would like your Christmas Eve to look like and little ways you can sprinkle a bit of magic and reindeer dust on everything to make it memorable and special for you and your family.

17th – Christmas crafts. 

With the pressure of work/school/life easing off a little at this stage in the month, have a Google for some crafty ideas that will while away a few hours on a cold, wintry night and get you into a creative flow with that lovely inner glow and sense of satisfaction that comes with crafting.

18th – Hydrate. 

This is central heating season which does a pretty good job at drying out our bodies and complexions.  Keep the water flowing during the day to stay healthy and focused.

19th – Christmas cards. 

Oh yes, we always seem to leave ours to almost the last minute!  Take a couple of hours out, put some gentle music on and really think about what message you’d like to send to the people in your life this year.

20th – In box zero. 

The time to unwind has truly begun so take a couple of hours to clear out the emails that have built up over the course of months, build your last ‘to do’ list of the year on anything you didn’t get around to tackling and enjoy the zen like feeling of being truly on top of your Outlook.

21st – Nap. 

Anyone else getting sleepy about 3pm?  It’s our bodies way of saying ‘Grab a bit of downtime’ so make time for even half an hour’s rest and your body and mind will thank you for it.

22nd – Bake Christmas cookies.

 Mealtimes take on a strange schedule over the festive season so bake some treats for the cupboard for these peckish moments that reach out and grab you from nowhere.

23rd – Buy a gratitude journal for 2021

and start the new year off being mindfully appreciative of all the small (and big) things you have in your life that you might take for granted at times.

24th – ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

Once you’ve finished the last of the Christmas wrapping and food prep, settle down and cosy up with a great big does of life affirming viewing and our favourite Christmas Eve cocktail.

25th – Today is the day! 

Whatever your Christmas Day looks like we hope it’s full of love, warmth, fun, laughter, comfort and joy.  Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas.

From all of us at Caorunn. x

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