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Top 10 Things to do in March

12th March 2021

Around about this time a year ago, the world started to change forever.  As Spring officially sprung and the natural world started to come to life again after the long winter, our lives gradually came to a halt, for what we thought might be just a few weeks.

One year on and it is only now that we can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and our world starting to open up again.

How delicate we have felt at times but how resilient we are, pushing through those darker winter months, turning our faces towards the Springtime sunshine like the snowdrops appearing all around us; a natural symbol of hope and a reminder that we’ve made it through another year.

We are looking at much better times ahead and being back in the world but for now, we’re planning a gentle month ahead, doing lots of things that make us feel good about ourselves and the immediate world around us with a big focus on renewing and restoring ourselves as our new world becomes clearer on the horizon.

Go Fly A Kite

Very little investment required – a couple of pounds and an open space!  If you cast your mind back to when you last flew a kite, you’ll probably start to recall that it’s not as much of a ‘walk in the park’ as we might picture.  It requires patience, focus and the development of a little bit of technique – a fun way to challenge the senses and delight in the soaring, colourful twists and turns of kite, dancing in the sunlight.  Happiness on a string (just remember to hold on to it!)

Get Your Skates On

If you’re anything like us, you’ll have spent more than a chunk of time being utterly entranced by ‘the new influencer’ on social media over the last year – the cool rollerskater girl.  There is something beautifully calming about watching those amazingly talented skaters twist, turn, slide and shimmy, to the point we truly believe that all we need to do is pick the most outrageously colourful skates, pop them on and glide out of our homes into the sunshine.  If only! We’re already Googling ‘roller skating lessons’ while flicking back to Oumi Janta’s mesmerising moonwalk moves…

Get Your Stripes Out

Spring for us means ‘wardrobe revolution’.  It is time to pack these big bobbly jumpers away (actually forever – anyone else feeling that they never want to wear these lockdown outfits ever again?) and pull out these lighter, brighter pieces that put some life back into our wardrobes.  We are all about stripes and colour this year – we’re big on simple classics and we’ve loved embracing rainbow stripes in our lives over the past year so we’ll be holding on to those cheerful colour bursts for the next couple of seasons.

Easy Peasy Cocktails

We’re not quite at the entertaining stage yet; it’ll be a few more weeks before we get our friends round for Friday night cocktails so we’re going to ease ourselves out of the last few weeks of lockdown Zoom drinks with some quick, easy but completely delicious cocktails that say ‘Spring has sprung’ in a glass.

Grow Green Fingers

Nothing restores the soul quite like being outdoors, tending to nature.  Whether your outdoor patch is large, small or non-existent, you can still reap the benefits of seed, soil and sun indoors or out with your own vegetable, fruit or herb garden.  Nothing feels more wholesome and good than snipping a handful of your own freshly grown herbs and sprinkling them over something delicious.  Mindful pottering in every sense! 

Flower Arranging

One of life’s simple pleasures (apart from sipping one of our simple C & Ts in the Spring sunlight) is bringing a couple of bunches of flowers back from the supermarket, cutting the stems and arranging joyful, non-fussy displays around our homes.  Never underestimate the uplifting properties of a simple, £1 bunch of daffodils on a windowsill!

Digital Detox

Can you imagine going for a whole day without looking at your phone?  Nope, we can’t really either – to be honest, we just don’t think we could do it!  But...we’re going to shoot for at least a few hours of digital switch off at least once a week and enjoy the sights, smells and sounds around us instead of walking into lampposts while glued to our screens.  Sometimes, the world really can wait! 

Spring Clean Your System

Somehow the things we’ve been cooking and reaching for over the past few months are just not making us feel so…vibrant!  We love all those carbs and one pot winter wonders but we’re feeling that our sleepy systems need a bit of a reset and what better way to do that than start planning those lighter, fresher, healthier meals and snacks to get us through those last few weeks of lockdown with a bit more energy and gusto!

Get On Your Bike

Whether you fancy a gentle meander around your local streets or something more challenging, nothing says nostalgia like pedaling along aimlessly on a bike, wind in our hair and the tummy flipping thrill of these downhill adventures.  A simple pleasure in so many ways. 

Start From The Beginning

Spring is of course a time of new beginnings so why not embark upon a new hobby or learn a new skill, or maybe revisit an old one that fell by the wayside a bit as a result of, well… life.  We’re feeling like a year of working from home might just have turned our bodies to stiff old ironing boards and our downward dogs aren’t quite as easy as they used to be so we’re reviving our yoga minds and bodies, learning how to make pasta dishes from scratch and we might well embrace one of the biggest hobby trends for 2021 – hand lettering, which we think is such a relaxing, creative but wonderfully expressive hobby to immerse ourselves in.  We’ll let you know how we get on!

 Whatever you’ve got planned for the month ahead, we hope our Top 10 Things to do in March will give you all the fresh inspiration you need to enjoy the season ahead and all the simple joys it brings.

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