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It’s not until the crackers come out and are placed on the extended dining room table with mismatched chairs sourced from throughout the house that Christmas dinner really comes to life.

The magic of the cracker comes from that shared experience, so whether you cross arms with a neighbour or reach across the table, this year, treat your family and friends to a luxury cracker surprise with the Caorunn Gin Cracker Pack.


Why do we pop crackers at Christmas?

As all good Christmas tales go, the story of the cracker starts in Victorian London. It may or may not have been snowing.

The cracker is credited as being invented by wedding cake maker and sweet seller Tom Smith who sold his sugary creations from a small shop in Goswell Road, Clerkenwell in the 1840s. It was during a confectionery fact-finding trip to Paris that he discovered the French 'bon bon', a sugared almond wrapped in a twist of tissue paper and decided to bring the treat home to the sooty-faced people of London.

These delectable treats proved a hit at Christmas time, and being a good salesman, Smith added a small love motto inside the wrapper to boost gift giving. To make the bon-bon gift even more special and festive he added a gun power ‘snap’ to the wrapper, supposedly to bring to mind the crackling of an open log fire.

Smith’s invention has been a mainstay of our festive season ever since but the exquisite bon-bons have been replaced by plastic toys, paper hats and terrible dad jokes.

We aim to bring the excitement back and offer the modern Christmas dinner host something different to give to their guests, crackers with a luxury twist!

 Christmas Cracker pack 1

Luxury Gin Miniatures

The Caorunn Gin Cracker pack  contains 4 individually boxed gin crackers that will fit in with any festive table decor. Each Gin cracker contains a delicious miniature bottle of either our classic Caorunn Gin or our fruity Caorunn Scottish Raspberry Gin.

An ideal stocking filler, table setting or simply just a gift from you, to you (because you deserve it!) Just be ready with a chilled bottle of your favourite tonic.

Gin & Tonic at Christmas

Caorunn Gin boasts a full-bodied and invigorating flavour, with a clean and crisp finish. Our Caorunn Scottish Raspberry is infused with an added burst of Scottish Raspberries for fruitiness.

Both gins are best enjoyed with chilled, fizzing, tonic water & garnished with sliced red apple. We’d even suggest garnishing a small handful of fresh raspberries *freeze-dried work as well* when enjoying Caorunn Scottish Raspberry!

So, it's out with the ordinary plastic moustache combes and pairs of tiny, instantly lost nail clippers and in with the Genius Caorunn Gin Cracker Pack.

Caorunn Christmas Cracker Pack

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