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That full-bodied, invigorating, tastebud lift, bursting with botanical aromas is not the only thing that makes Caorunn, well… Caorunn 

Our place and provenance 

We like to do things the old-fashioned way, and Caorunn’s Distillery really is as old as the hills…almost. Balmenach began life as one of Scotland’s first whisky distilleries and we’ve been expertly handcrafting Caorunn right there since 2009. 

We were inspired by our beautiful Speyside surroundings and the traditional craft of Scottish spirit making to create our truly unique gin.  Our distillery is right in the heart of Speyside, surrounded by lush fields, clear water springs and of course those all-important botanicals. We’re lucky to have some of the world’s finest ingredients right on our doorstep (and the tools and tricks to turn them into a gin known for its unique balance of artisanal qualities and crisp sophistication).  

Caorunn Gin DistilleryPhoto by The Gin Cooperative

Our Process 

The secret ingredient in our gin-making process is our Copper Berry Chamber, a curious instrument which dates back to the Twenties when it was used to distil oils when making perfume.  Caorunn is the only gin in the world which uses this clever contraption to vapour infuse the botanicals through our gin.   

Caorunn’s unique combination of botanicals are spread across the Copper Berry Chamber’s four perforated trays and the vapourised spirit slowly rises through the chamber, taking the aromas and flavours from the botanicals.  The vapours are then condensed back into liquid and passed through the chamber for a second and a third time to pick up every single last drop of flavour. Next time you’re pouring yourself a Caorunn and tonic, have a sip, close your eyes and take a tantalising trip with all those different flavours. 

Caorunn Gin Distillery muralPhoto by The Gin Cooperative

We Stay Special 

We don’t mass produce.  We produce small, hand-crafted batches of Caorunn, around 1000 litres at a time.  We’re never in a hurry, we understand that perfection takes time. 

Our style of gin making isn’t magic, in fact it's pure science combined with a flair for flavour, careful craft and an instinct for creating a remarkable gin.  We do however, do things differently here. So if you’d like to dive deeper into the history and heritage of Balmenach and immerse yourself in all elements of crafting Caorunn, our local Gin Geniuses will be delighted to welcome you on one of our tours to guide you through a deliciously informative nosing and tasting session. 

Caorunn Original Gin

Photo by The Gin Cooperative

Where to find us

You can find us here: 

Balmenach Distillery 
Balmenach Road 
PH26 3PF 

We’re about 3 hours from Glasgow and Edinburgh, 40 minutes from Inverness, 50 minutes from Perth and just over an hour from Dundee (by car). 

Trains also run to Aviemore where you can hire a car. 

Book your tour 

Our tour costs £15 and includes a guided nosey through our distillery and processes, a neat sample of Caorunn and a refreshing G & T while you quiz our Gin Geniuses in the Gin Bothy. 

To find out more and book your tour, please click here. 

We’d love to see you before the summer’s out but if you’re all booked up, please do pop us on your ‘To Do’ list for an Autumn adventure. 

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