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Introducing Caorunn Scottish Raspberry Gin: #NotPink

18th April 2019

Here in the Cairngorms in the Scottish Highlands we’re surrounded by some of the finest natural scenery on earth, in fact it's hard to beat the views around Balmenach Distillery. But its not just the surroundings that make our home a rather incredible place, the Scottish landscape is also rich in extraordinary natural resources.  So, with our 10-year anniversary on the horizon and an ambition to bring something new to our collection, we didn’t have to look far.

With some experimentation we soon discovered that Caorunn’s distinctive aromatic flavour, created by infusing five locally foraged Celtic botanicals and six traditional gin botanicals in the world's only working Copper Berry Chamber, is perfectly complemented by the addition of sumptuous Perthshire raspberries to our infusion process.

The result - to mark our upcoming 10-year-anniversary we are thrilled to reveal that we're launching our very first flavoured gin:  Caorunn Scottish Raspberry.

Crafted to perfection

Just like the Caorunn you know and love Caorunn Scottish Raspberry is expertly handcrafted at Balmenach Distillery in the Scottish Highlands, in small batches of 1,000 litres at a time. Utilising Scotland’s unique natural resources, each drop of this delicious new gin is infused to perfection in our Copper Berry Chamber. 

Staying true to our existing process means that Caorunn Scottish Raspberry combines the invigorating dry, crisp taste of Caorunn yet is enhanced by a natural raspberry sweetness.  

Why it's #NotPink 

We know what you're thinking - aren't raspberry gins pink? Well, not this one.

We began our journey to create something special for our 10-year anniversary some time ago and we were concerned with just one thing – the flavour. Here at Caorunn it’s all about flavour: natural raspberry sweetness with no messing about.  So when we finalised the recipe for a crystal-clear gin that's infused with delicate raspberry flavour without the use of any additives or colours one thing was clear – our new flavoured gin was definitely not going to be pink! #NotPink

IR Caorunn 50cl Raspberry

“We’re incredibly proud to be introducing our very first flavoured gin just ahead of our 10-year anniversary of Caorunn gin, here at Balmenach Distillery. Caorunn Scottish Raspberry leverages the same trusted process that has made Caorunn gin such a success over the last decade. This process, paired with the unique infusion of Perthshire raspberries has allowed us to create a bright, clean and fruity gin that we’re incredibly proud to be adding to our range.” Simon Buley, Gin Master 

How to enjoy it

Caorunn Scottish Raspberry gin is best served with Fever Tree tonic and a few large ice cubes, with fresh raspberries and apple slices to garnish. The new gin also blends beautifully in a cocktail too. Pour the Caorunn Scottish Raspberry gin with lemon juice, Chambord, sugar syrup and soda to create a refreshing Raspberry Collins or in a champagne flute topped up with prosecco for a fresh Easter tipple. 

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