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When it comes to fresh starts and new beginnings, you’ll most likely be in one of two camps – the 1st January guys (ok, we know…maybe the 2nd) and the ‘back to school’ gang. Or, you might be a bit like us and feel that it doesn’t do any harm to have a double crack at fresh starts in a 12-month period.  We probably have more than that to be fair.  We’re only human.

As much as we love a new year (and we really do…oh 2021 we are SO keen to see what you’ve got!), its frosty blank January canvas doesn’t quite compare to the almost palpable feeling of change in the air that late Summer/early Autumn brings. The nuances in the light during the day, the arrival of darkness earlier in the evening that signifies end of holidays and evokes that warm anticipation of Autumn.

September really is the golden month, for so many reasons.  It heralds the resumption of routine, back to school, knuckling down, new projects, the opportunity to experience nature’s glowy charm and Autumn spoils and that general ‘back into the swing of it’ feeling.  Its daytime mellowness brought around by the changing light and colours offers us a bit of warmth and comfort; a contrast to the breezy, blowy, blue skied fresh days of summer and there’s always that little bit of hope for the gift of an Indian Summer spell.

It really is our favourite time of year – that special window between Summer and Autumn where it feels like anything is possible in the months ahead if we take time to focus on where we’ve come from and where we want to be going.

This year of course feels very different for us all.  We’ve been through an extraordinary five months; each of us has experienced similar challenges and, as individuals we’ve all had to cope with the personal and unique way the pandemic has impacted our lives and those close to us.

We’ve had ‘slow down’ imposed on our micro and macro worlds and had to adapt physically and mentally to a seismic shift in the pace and demands of life to an extent that we never would have imagined. 

We’ve discovered new things, learned how to do things a bit differently and grown (and we don’t mean these few extra lockdown pounds that don’t really matter at all…) so as we move into the new season, it feels right to reflect and decide what, in all of those lockdown learnings we’re going to take with us into Autumn.


Anyone else got better at perfecting these simple ‘winners’ of a recipe or discovered a whole new range of culinary talents and treats? 

Having a little bit more time to live life at potter pace without a frenetic commute and that crashing through the door feeling in the evening, exhausted and frazzled has created more time for moments of kitchen calm.  We’ve cooked and eaten more mindfully but having more time to do things has enabled us to really zone out and focus on what we’re doing.  Cooking’s become less about function and more about pleasure; that wonderfully relaxed feeling of chopping, stirring and creating, music on, Caorunn and tonic in hand, pots bubbling away.  We are 100% taking our rediscovered love of cooking into Autumn so expect to see some recipes for some warming treats coming your way from our kitchens over the next few months!

Why not try out a few of our favourite recipes?

Caorunn Gin and Tonic Cupcakes

Apple and Blackberry Caorunn Crumble

Caorunn Donuts

Caorunn Prawn Cocktail

Chocolate & Caorunn Cake


The ‘quarantini’ phrase gave us a giggle at the time but we can’t help but associate it with such a strange and intense time; those first few months of lockdown when our worlds became ‘quarantiny’ with the prevailing wind of the pandemic blowing a sense of unease and anxiety our way each day.  We are however absolutely taking cocktails into the next season, in fact, we might go as far as to say that Carounn cocktails really do have their moment this season. 

The fresh, slightly spicy and aromatic depth of Caorunn can be perfectly partnered with a whole variety of ingredients and accoutrements to bring a deliciously warming glow to Zoom cocktail hour on a Friday (because let’s face it, although most of us can be out and about a lot more than we were a few months ago, nothing beats a cosy, chilled Friday indoors with our creature comforts and a cocktail).

Autumn Garden G & T

Caorunn Cider Flip

Caorunn Negroni

Ginger Jasmine

Pear Gin Fizz


We know how ridiculous this sounds but doesn’t it become easier to be kinder and more thoughtful when you have time?  How many times have you been late in sending a birthday card, or a thank you, making a call that you know will be important to someone or sending a message.  Before ‘all this happened’, life often felt like a list of never-ending tasks that could never be ticked off in a day and often the most important things fell by the wayside.  There’s nothing like a global pandemic to really root home that message that life is precious; nothing will ever be more important than being kind, giving people time, listening, thoughtfulness and being there.  All you need is love…love is all you need!


We’re throwing up our hands and admitting that during our lockdown lives we didn’t make sour dough, we thought about knitting (but unravelled that woolly mess in our heads pretty quickly), we almost painted but sat outside in the sunshine with a G & T instead and we very nearly took a trip to a hardware shop but managed to convince ourselves that it was an unnecessary journey. 

What we did do was…bake, perfect our flower arranging techniques, get bendy and mindful with downward dogs and sun salutations, tidy out all of our cluttered drawers and wardrobes and switch about our interiors to give us a new lease of life when it all felt a bit too much.  We created, in different ways.  Sometimes creation is nothing more than doing a task with focus, clearing real life mess away and opening up space in our heads to let things flow – more colourful and inspiring thoughts and ideas.  We are much more colourful people when our kitchen drawers are tidy!  There’s something about clearing the decks, getting ducks in a row and decluttering our lives that allows space for the flow of creative thoughts and activity.  Autumn is such a great time for creation – more time indoors (yes – MORE time indoors!) to potter, paint, perfect and ponder.

Looking for some inspiration? Why not tackle your work space and create a great place for you to work? or it could even be as simple as creating some playlists to share with your friends and family?


Its one of our core values and it embodies everything we do at Caorunn, that notion of doing simple things very, very well.  We are all for getting the basics in life right (then you can do the fancy fun stuff…) but building a solid foundation with good values and getting the important stuff nailed really does allow you to live a better life with fewer complications and have a richer experience of life. Simple living, no drama, no fuss, just goodness.  Great things really do happen when you apply that philosophy.  Lockdown forced us all to strip life back to basics and there’s a lot that we’ll be taking from that into the next phase of 2020 and remembering that the simple things really are the best and there’s an awful lot to be grateful for.  Life should never feel too full.  We like space, time and simplicity.  That’s when we’re at our best and give our best.

Wherever you are, and whatever you’re doing, we hope our monthly meanderings give you a bit of a lift, some inspiration and calm and a sense that there are still many things to look forward to. There really, really are.

Wishing you a wonderful September full of golden moments.

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