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Traditional Botanicals

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are at the heart of our handcrafted Scottish Gin. They have been lending their subtle bittersweet aroma to gin since the 17th Century.

Coriander Seed

The spicy, sweet aroma of these seeds conjures images of dishes full of exoticism and warmth. They add a subtle flavour of pine and pepper to Caorunn Gin.

Orange Peel

Orange peel adds to the crisp refreshing flavour of Caorunn Gin. With its pleasant sweet odour and slight hint of bitterness it makes the perfect companion to our carefully chosen Celtic Botanicals.

Lemon Peel

Lemon peel is an essential flavour of Caorunn Gin with its fragrant citrus top notes and aromatic bitter taste.

Angelica Root

Fabled for centuries in Chinese medicine as a healing herb this enigmatic root also provides a sweet warm taste to Caorunn Gin.

Cassia Bark

Like Coriander seed this exotic spice lends its fragrant aroma to Caorunn Gin. Its sweetish taste is reminiscent of cinnamon but with more delicate flavour and depth of character.


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